Sequential Patterns and Time Series Software

  • EidoSearch software for time-series analysis: highlight any data pattern that interests you and EidoSearch software finds all similar patterns from the past and present, analyzes those search results, and shows you what tends to happen next.
  • Gait-CAD Matlab toolbox, for the visualization and analysis of time series, including classification, regression, and clustering. GNU-GPL license.
  • KnowledgeMiner, 64-bit parallel software for autonomously building ensembles of predictive difference equation models from high-dimensional noisy data using self-organizing knowledge mining technologies. Live Prediction Validation for model stability evaluation.
  • Miningco, an open source program which automatically finds patterns and relations in web logs and other datasets.
  • SAS Enterprise Miner
  • SPMF, a sequential pattern mining framework, open-source, written in Java, offers implementations of 52 data mining algorithms for: sequential pattern mining, association rule mining, frequent itemset mining, sequential rule mining, and clustering.
  • Shapelets is the first state-of-the-art platform for time-series data analysis. From data collection, storage, analysis and data visualisation, Shapelets integrates seamlessly with streams of data, data at Rest, BI tools and MS Office.
  • XAffinity(TM), for identifying affinities or patterns in transaction and click stream data