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  • ICS (Prague): AVAST Fellowships in machine learning and data science - Apr 3, 2014.
    The fellows will work with internationally recognized scientists at ICS and participate in cutting edge technology projects, in cooperation with AVAST, a leading anti-virus maker. Apply by May 1.

  • Monash University: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Applied Machine Learning - Mar 25, 2014.
    We seek an outstanding machine learning researcher with experience applying machine learning to solve real-world problems.

  • U. Helsinki and Aalto U.: Postdoctoral and Research Fellows in CS and IT - Mar 22, 2014.
    Aalto and Helsinki, two leading universities in Finland, are looking for researchers in several areas, including advanced search methods, Big data processing, and crowdsensing applications. Apply by Apr 6.

  • U. of Melbourne: Postdoc in Data Mining - Mar 17, 2014.
    The position requires a PhD, with research experience in data mining and high quality publications. Expertise in graph mining and time series mining is also desirable.

  • Syracuse U.: Data Science and HCI Faculty Positions - Mar 14, 2014.
    Join renowned iSchool faculty and deepen and extend our strengths in data science and human-computer interaction (HCI), including visualization of and analytic approaches to large and heterogeneous data sets.

  • U. Bristol: Heilbronn Research Fellowships - Mar 7, 2014.
    Work on both your own research and Heilbronn research program, with a focus on applications in data analysis for cybersecurity. Apply by March 28.

  • INRIA: PhD position, Learning with non-stationary data - Feb 19, 2014.
    Learning with non-stationary data - application to collaborative filtering and link prediction between name entities in knowledge bases like freebase.

  • Uni-Weimar: Research positions in Big data analytics, IR, machine learning - Feb 15, 2014.
    The Web Technology and Information Systems Group has several positions for PhDs and Postdocs to help research in Big data analytics, information mining and retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, and information extraction.

  • AT&T Labs – Research: Statistician/Data Scientist - Feb 12, 2014.
    Strong data scientists with a passion for digging into data and extracting knowledge through analysis and visualization, to work on problems that cut across network management, customer analytics, operations research, and other aspects of our business.

  • NTU (Singapore): Faculty in Statistics, Mathematical Sciences, Optimization - Feb 11, 2014.
    We are looking for excellent researchers with expertise in Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Optimization, and related areas. Mathematicians with outstanding track records in any field of pure and applied mathematics are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • NotreDame: Postdocs, Data Science - Feb 10, 2014.
    Interested in Data Science for the Common Good and enjoy asking big questions and developing data science algorithms? The Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications (iCeNSA) at the U. of Notre Dame has two openings for postdoctoral fellows in data science.

  • NYU Center for Data Science: Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellows - Jan 30, 2014.
    Fellows are expected to lead independent, original research programs with impact in natural or social science and in one or more domains (computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics). Apply by Feb 6.

  • U. Virginia: MS / PhD positions in Machine Learning, Data Science - Jan 28, 2014.
    MS and PhD positions for people with a strong background and interest in machine learning, modeling, and data science.

  • USherbrooke: Post-doctoral researcher in informatics of aging - Jan 28, 2014.
    The Aging Research Center, a multi-disciplinary center with many large, unique data sets, seeking a postdoc who can facilitate collaborations among researchers with diverse interests.

  • Thunderbird School of Global Management: Tenure Track Asst/Assoc Professor of Business Analytics - Jan 19, 2014.
    Teach courses in business analytics and the strategic use of information technology, with application to diverse business fields such as customer analytics, business intelligence, and talent management.

  • ICS (Prague): AVAST Fellowships in machine learning and data science - Jan 18, 2014.
    The fellows will have an excellent opportunity to cooperate with internationally recognized scientists at ICS and participate in cutting edge technology projects in the interest of AVAST, maker of the most trusted antivirus in the world.

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