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KDnuggets™ News 10:n26, Nov 10

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  • IEEE ICDM Contest - Overview of Top Solutions, part 1 - Oct 29, 2010.
    the authors revealed a good deal of important details about their approaches, but also kept the descriptions straightforward and concise, giving all of us an unprecedented opportunity to learn the essence of data mining know-how.
  • IEEE ICDM Traffic Contest - Solutions, part 2 - Nov 9, 2010.
    Solutions of winners for Task 2: Traffic Jams and Task 3: GPS in the IEEE ICDM Contest: TomTom Traffic Prediction for Intelligent GPS Navigation.
  • One week to go - last chance to register for Predictive Analytics World London and save £100 - Nov 9, 2010.
    One week to go - last chance to register for Predictive Analytics World London and make savings of £100 over the walk-in rate
  • The Software That Stares at Goats? [Pentagon Data Mining] - Nov 3, 2010.
    The new project is called ADAMS, for Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales. Many of the problems with TIA are equally present with this ADAMS project - the idea is naive and misguided and it won't work.
  • Twitter Bot Auto-Debates Climate Change Critics - Nov 8, 2010.
    the bot that scrapes Twitter for certain strings of words and then responds to the author of the offending tweet with a pre-packaged link containing a science-based counter-argument.
  • Most viewed items for Oct 31 - Nov 6 - Nov 7, 2010.
    KXEN introduces predictive analytics first semantic layer; Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011;
    Top jobs: Marketing Analysis Director at Chartis, New York, NY; Senior Researcher at Bing Mobile, Microsoft, Bellevue, WA;
  • Most viewed news, jobs in October - Nov 4, 2010.
    Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011; Applying Euclidean Distance Clustering to Social Network Data;
    Top jobs: Faculty in Info Systems / Data Mining at U. of Waterloo, Canada; Risk Management / Risk Analysis at Citi, NYC or Dallas.
  • Most viewed items for Oct 24-30 - Nov 1, 2010.
    Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011; New Poll: Cloud Analytics;
    Top jobs: VP of Customer Vision at ISO Innovative Analytics, San Francisco, NJ, Boston, Chicago, or remotely from home.; Director of Analytics at Mozilla Corporation, Mountain View, CA;
  • Additions to KDnuggets Directory in October - Nov 1, 2010.
    Additions to KDnuggets Directory in Companies, Meetings, Software, Solutions, Websites sections

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  • Learn How Experts Mine Data [Dec 6-10, Vegas; Feb 14-18, Orlando] - Nov 9, 2010.
    Leverage highly valuable and impactful prospective insight from within your existing data through an intensive course series with over 20 years of innovation. Dec 6-10 in Las Vegas; Feb 14-18 in Orlando. Save up to 40% on Orlando registration by Nov 30!

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  • R Extension for RapidMiner - Nov 8, 2010.
    Two widely used analytics tools: RapidMiner and R - are now connected. RapidMiner offers a new R perspective consisting of the known R console together with the great plotting facilities of R.
  • Mendeley's DataTEL Data Set - Nov 7, 2010.
    Mendeley has taken up the DataTEL challenge in order to provide recommendation system researchers with valuable data on users and their relationship with scientific literature.
  • Review: Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2010 - Oct 29, 2010.
    IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle, Information Builders, SAS, Microsoft, and MicroStrategy led the pack because of the completeness of not just BI, but overall information management functionality. Actuate came out as a Strong Performer on the heels of the Leaders.

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  • Registration now open for SAS Global Forum 2011 - Nov 9, 2010.
    April 4-7 at Caesars, Las Vegas featuring 2.5 days of learning and networking, SAS Global Forum 2011 is the premier event for SAS professionals worldwide.
  • Data Analytics Summit, New York City, Nov 18 - Nov 9, 2010.
    Learn how organizations are managing growing data volumes, running advanced analytics, getting deeper insights into their data, and utilizing new technologies like MPP data warehouses, MapReduce, and advanced analytic frameworks


  • Bloomberg TV: Sergey Brin & Larry Page - Nov 2, 2010.
    Bloomberg documentary follows Google co-founders from their first meeting at Stanford to the new media mega-company on a collision course with old media businesses of newspapers, books, movies and television.


  • Forbes on The Data Analytics Boom - Nov 9, 2010.
    A multitude of converging facts has given rise to numbers-based decision-making.
  • Book: VisMaster: Visual Analytics - Mastering the Information Age - Nov 7, 2010.
    (book download available). The aim of VisMaster was to create a research roadmap that outlines the current state of visual analytics across many disciplines, and to describe the next steps that have to be taken to foster a strong visual analytics community, thus enabling the development of advanced visual analytic applications.
  • How voters turned out on Facebook - Nov 5, 2010.
    By looking at those users who state their political affiliation on Facebook, we can see a significant discrepancy between the Democrats and Republicans
  • Keys To Web Analytics Maturity: Structure, Process, Hyperfocus - Nov 4, 2010.
    We need a different process to help create data driven organizations. And we need a structured approach to help guide that process. The answer to those two golden requirements is very simple to grok, yet so few do it.
  • Handbook of Educational Data Mining - Nov 4, 2010.
    Covers novel EDM methods, including those that link psychometrics with EDM; Presents detailed case studies that show how the methods are applied using real educational data; Discusses the influence of open data repositories.
  • New book: Computational Intelligence and Pattern Analysis in Biological Informatics - Nov 3, 2010.
    this unique volume provides both theoretical and experimental results, and describes basic principles of computational intelligence and pattern analysis while deepening the reader's understanding of the ways in which these principles can be used for analyzing biological data in an efficient manner.
  • Cognos 10 Launch and My Key Takeaways from IBM IOD - Oct 29, 2010.
    We will only have four-to-six vendors and platforms to choose from, as compared to hundreds of options we have today, given the speed at which IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft are acquiring software companies

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