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KDnuggets™ News 11:n15, June 22

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  • Poll results: Data types analyzed/mined - Jun 20, 2011.
    The top 3 data types were table data, time series, and itemsets / transactions. The ones that most grew in popularity were location/geo/mobile data, music/audio, and time series.
  • SAS A2011 Conference, Oct 24-25, Orlando - KDnuggets Discount - Jun 13, 2011.
    Analytics 2011 is a merger of SAS M2010 Data Mining Conference and F2010 Business Forecasting Conference, bringing you the latest techniques and methodologies in the field of analytics. Special discount for KDnuggets readers.
  • Most viewed items for Jun 12-18 - Jun 19, 2011.
    What do Data Miners Need to Learn? Journalistic Data Mining;
    Top jobs: Scientist, Predictive Analytics at Disney Interactive, Palo Alto; Statistician at Chubb Insurance, NJ.
  • Most viewed items for Jun 5-11 - Jun 12, 2011.
    Poll Results: Education Level; Data types analyzed/mined in the past 12 months;
    Top jobs: RA for sports/football analytics, Hyderabad/Singapore; Assoc. Predictive Modeler at Allstate

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  • LexisNexis open-sources its Hadoop killer - Jun 17, 2011.
    LexisNexis is releasing a set of open-source, data-processing tools that it says outperforms Hadoop and even handles workloads Hadoop presently can't.
  • First Look - 11Ants Analytics - Jun 10, 2011.
    11Ants has taken WEKA machine learning technology and built a commercial product aimed at making these algorithms available to users who are not expert data miners.
  • New dataset released: SMS Spam Collection v.1 - Jun 9, 2011.
    a public dataset of 5,574 SMS (text) messages collected for mobile phone spam research, tagged as legitimate or spam.


Academic/Research positions



  • Text Analytics Survey, Sentiment Analysis West (Nov 9) - Jun 16, 2011.
    If you work with BI, data, content, or analytics, please participate in a survey being run by Seth Grimes of Alta Plana Corporation, and check out the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, planned for November 9 in San Francisco.


  • FT: A football revolution - Jun 21, 2011.
    FT excellent article on changes in football (soccer) brought by analytics. Football is becoming clever - data on players is starting to drive club decisions, particularly about which players to buy and sell.
  • Going Green with Data Mining - Jun 19, 2011.
    for problems like store site location, direct marketing, CRM and traveling salesmen, data mining can have a "green" impact.
  • What do Data Miners Need to Learn? - Jun 16, 2011.
    I've been asked by several folks recently what they need to learn to succeed in data mining and predictive analytics.
  • Journalistic Data Mining - Jun 15, 2011.
    a brilliant talk by Jonathan Stray of AP on investigating millions of documents by visualizing clusters and using other computational tools.
  • INFORMS Analytics Magazine for May/June - Jun 9, 2011.
    Featuring "The Secret to Better Credit Risk Management", "Risk in Revenue Management", "Five Best Practices in Behavioral Segmentation", "Sports Law Analytics" and more.

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CFP - Calls for Papers


On the value of expertise appropriately applied, Professor Sheldon Glashow (Nobel laureate in Physics, 1979) recalls: "My father the plumber once told me that he had repaired a complex heating system with a single well-placed kick of his foot."

from Rubens/Anders Scientific

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