, collaborative data analysis and graphing

Plotly allows you bring your data from anywhere, clean it up fast, analyze or simulate, and graph it interactively, and share and collaborate.


a collaborative data analysis and graphing tool, now in beta.

It allows you to

Import and wrangle: import data from any format: Excel spreadsheets, CSV, TSV, Matlab data files, MS Access, or text; upload from your computer, copy-paste, drag and drop a file, or import from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Analyze, or simulateAnalyze, or simulate: Apply any custom function to your data, including derivatives, integrals, inferential or descriptive basic statistics, chi-squared test, T-test, and ANOVA. For simulation, you can code a python script.

Graph the data: scatter, line, bar, area, error bar, heatmap, box, histogram... making graphs is is easy, and interactive plots let you zoom, pan, and more.

Share and collaborate: Share and edit your data, graphs and scripts privately with your coworkers, or show the world.

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