10 Emerging Analytics Startups in India

India is becoming a powerhouse in Analytics, and here are 10 emerging Indian Analytics startups to watch in 2014: Crayon Data, Flutura, Axtria, Flytxt, Sapience Analytics, SIBIA Analytics, Ideal Analytics, FORMCEPT, IQR Consulting, and StatLabs.

Here are 10 Emerging Indian Analytics Startups, as selected by Analytics India magazine:

Crayon Data Crayon Data
Founded in Singapore in 2012 and with a development centre in Chennai, Crayon’s vision is to create a big data platform that can process large volumes of data from within the enterprise and from external sources including social media. This data is cleaned up and various algorithms are run on it to serve different verticals.

Founded in February 2012 Flutura places themselves at “the cusp of M2M and big data”, M2M standing for machine-to-machine. California based technology magazine CIO Review has recognized Flutura as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Big Data Companies Globally. Flutura has also been recognized by TechSparks2013 as one of the Top 3 startups out of India.

Founded in New Jersey Axtria is an ISO 27001 certified advanced analytics and business information management company with locations in California, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, and Gurgaon, India. Axtria builds sales, marketing, and customer management data analytics tools. The tools help companies analyze their current customers to find out how to get more and how to keep the ones they have.

Founded in 2008 at Trivandrum Flytxt is a leading provider of Big Data Analytics powered solutions with a focus on enabling mobile operators to derive measurable economic value from subscriber data. Flytxt has won many industry awards and recognitions like Gartner Cool Vendor, NASSCOM Emerge 50 League of 10, Aegis Graham Bell award for innovation in Mobile Advertising, BID International Quality Award, Red Herring Asia 100.

Sapience Analytics
Founded by four serial entrepreneurs, has built a patent-pending software product (Sapience) that gets Enterprise Effort and Time Productivity – effortlessly. Sapience delivers 20+% increase in work output for companies whose employee uses computers to perform their job. Last year have been great for the company while bagging some of the very prestigious awards in the Industry.

SIBIA Analytics
Founded in Kolkata, SIBIA is a technology integrated predictive analytics company based focusing on marketing and sales optimization for retail and consumer products brands. The company has been established in early 2013 by industry professionals with long experience in predictive analytics and related technologies.

Ideal Analytics
Ideal Analytics is an Indo-French Technology Joint Venture Company that has its Corporate HQ and Office in Kolkata, India and the European Office in Paris, France. It gives business users an intuitive interface for exploring their data and taking fact based business decisions. It is available both on the cloud and in the on-premises avatar and is capable of connecting to data coming from multiple heterogeneous sources.

FORMCEPT provides a highly scalable content mining infrastructure through proven open source technologies that includes Hadoop, HBase and Solr. FORMCEPT’s C3 (Classify, Compare, Correlate) Semantic Engine is a state of the art technology which provides classification, comparison and correlation for any type of content.

IQR Consulting
IQR Consulting Data Analytics provides strategic solutions to difficult business problems in a variety of industries, including Banking, Casino, Media, Finance and others. With accurate and actionable research and analytics we help our clients become analytically mature companies.

Stat Decision Labs is a provider for Integrated Data Mining & Mobility solutions that helps organizations anticipate business opportunities, empower action and drive impact. With a strong extensibility framework for predictive analytics and mobility solutions, Stat Decision Labs provides a very powerful Decision Management platform.

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