Top 10 Machine Learning Videos on YouTube

The top machine learning videos on YouTube include lecture series from Stanford and Caltech, Google Tech Talks on deep learning, using machine learning to play Mario and Hearthstone, and detecting NHL goals from live streams.

By Grant Marshall.

Machine Learning on YouTube YouTube contains a great many videos on the topic of Machine Learning, but it can be hard to figure out what's worth watching with your limited time. Here the top videos by views were sorted through to provide some of the greatest video content on the subject.

If you want an easy way to get all of these videos in one place, take a look at this playlist. View numbers as of June 21, 2015.

mario-screen1. MarI/O - Machine Learning for Video Games (1,514,045 views)

This fun demo video shows how machine learning can be applied to video games. This is achieved using neural networks and genetic algorithms. What's really great about this video is how the author concisely describes how the neural network acts to achieve the given performance. Having played Super Mario World myself, I can say the gameplay is extremely impressive, learned or not!

2. Machine Learning (Stanford) (761,843 views)

This is the first video in the great series of Stanford machine learning lectures given by Andrew Ng. This would make a good starting point for self-learning the essentials of machine learning. If the material in this video appeals to you, his Coursera course may also appeal to you.

3. The Next Generation of Neural Networks (401,740 views)

This Google Tech Talk by Geoffrey Hinton covers the next generation of neural networks. This acts as a good introduction to deep learning. It's a few years old, but still acts as a great technical introduction to the topic.

4. The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Andrew Ng, Stanford University, STAN 2011) (233,875 views)

This video also comes from Andrew Ng. In this video, instead of focusing on machine learning in particular, Andrew Ng dives into applications of AI for robotics. If you're interested in these topics, give this video a watch.

5. Caltech Machine Learning (233,703 views)

This video is also the start to a lecture series on machine learning. With this series, it is given by Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa of Caltech. This series also has an online course, which also has a great companion textbook. This is another great way to learn the foundations of machine learning.

6. Brains, Sex, and Machine Learning (104,808 views)

This Google Tech Talk is also delivered by Geoffrey Hinton. This talk also goes in depth on the topic of neural networks. Where this talk differs is how it discusses the way this reacts with biological neurons and how that is represented in the algorithms.

7. Epic NHL goal celebration hack with a hue light show and real time machine learning (103,166 views)

This demo video shows a system that uses machine learning to detect NHL goals based on the audio feed of the game. When a goal is detected, the system communicates with the hardware in the living room to create a light show. This is a great integration of learning into living spaces.

8. I am a legend: Hacking Hearthstone with machine learning - Defcon 22 (92,820 views)

This video demonstrates machine learning applications in video games as well. In this case, the applications are some what more "malicious". By observing many previous games of Hearthstone, an electronic trading card game, the system developed by the author learns to predict the hands of opponents. This is fascinating for anyone interested in competitive applications of machine learning.

9. Bay Area Vision Meeting: Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning (89,518 views)

This Google Tech Talk, delivered by Andrew Ng, covers the use of feature learning to automatically learn features from unlabeled data. This is great way to save time over the conventional methods of feature selection. If you're interested in the theoretical basis of this method, this video provides a wonderful explanation.

10. Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data (89,506 views)

This panel, hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has many industry professionals discussing the impact of deep learning. This is interesting because it gives many viewpoints and different ways of understanding the same concept. This is a good video to watch to get a diversity of opinions.