Most Viewed Big Data Videos on YouTube

The top Big Data YouTube videos by those like Hortonworks and Kirk D. Borne cover diverse topics including Hadoop, Big Data Trends, Deep Learning, and Big Data Leadership.

By Grant Marshall.

Big Data YouTube YouTube is a treasure trove of great videos on Big Data. It can be challenging, though, to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here we look at the top videos on big data by views, sorting through them to find those with great content. If you want an easy way to get all of these videos in one place, take a look at this playlist. Views numbers as of May 9, 2015.

1. Big Data and Hadoop (488,100 views)

This video is the first in a tutorial series on Big Data and Hadoop for beginners. It's a very long video, but it's also fairly engaging, so if you're interested in Hadoop from scratch, this could be a good place to start.

2. Cloudera's CEO talks us through big data trends (192,500 views)

This video from 2010 has then-CEO Mike Olsen talk about big data trends within and without Cloudera. It's a good video if you're interested in the success of Cloudera and big data trends, but considering its age, the trends are a bit dated.

3. Big Data Analytics: The Revolution Has Just Begun (81,204 views)

This Hortonworks video goes into the explosion in big data and how analytics is growing in importance. It brings up some interesting insights into what businesses can do to keep up and even get ahead of the curve.

4. Basic Introduction to Apache Hadoop (74,565 views)

This is a great introduction not only to Hadoop, but the whole Hadoop ecosystem. If you are looking to understand how Hadoop, MapReduce, and the numerous associated programs work together, this is a good quick view of how all the cogs fit together.

5. Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data (65,533 views)

This panel on deep learning on big data held at Stanford has fascinating panelists discussing intelligence. If you're interested in deep learning, and deep learning as it relates to intelligence in particular, definitely give this a shot.

6. What is IBM Big Data? (62,430 views)

This is a high-level overview of what big data means and acts as a good general video. This might be a bit too broad for those more familiar with big data, but it is a good overview. It's a video I'd recommend to managers or business people looking to understand the potential benefits of big data from a high level.

7. Big Data, Small World: Kirk Borne at TEDxGeorgeMasonU (55,543 views)

This is a TEDx talk by Kirk Borne on big data. The talk begins with a very approachable explanation of big data, then refines to more concrete examples. This would be a great way to introduce someone completely new to the subject.

8. Hadoop - Just the Basics for Big Data Rookies (54,333 views)

This is another video for those new to big data, but it's not necessarily for managers or for the general public. This video is aimed at those interested in the possibilities of Hadoop for manipulating data, and does a good job filling that role.

9. Ben Wellington: How we found the worst place to park in New York City — using big data (45,966 views)

This (very recent) TED talk on big data is a sort of case study on big data. It looks at how municipal big data can be applied to solving big problems, and gives a sense of the current state of city-level government applications of big data.

10. Leaders in Big Data

This Google Tech Talk looks at the evolution and trends in big data. What makes this interesting is the economic perspectives and analysis brought by the panel.