Tour of Real-World Machine Learning Problems

The tour lists 20 interesting real-world machine learning problems for data science enthusiasts to learn by solving.

By Jason Brownlee

Real-World-Machine-LearningReal-world examples make the abstract description of machine learning become concrete.

In this post you will go on a tour of real world machine learning problems. You will see how machine learning can actually be used in fields like education, science, technology and medicine.

Each machine learning problem listed also includes a link to the publicly available dataset. This means that if a particular concrete machine learning problem interest you, you can download the dataset and start practicing immediately.

Most Popular Kaggle Datasets These first 10 examples of machine learning problems were taken from the competitive machine learning website Popularity was based on the number of participating teams.
Most Popular Research Datasets

The next 10 machine learning problems are the most popular on the University California at Irvine Machine Learning Repository website that traditionally hosts machine learning datasets used by the machine learning research community.
Final World

We took a whirlwind tour of 20 real-world machine learning problems.

These are actual problems posed or investigated by science and business organizations around the world.

What’s even more exciting is that these diverse problems have publicly available datasets and are also widely studied and understood.

This means you can download the data right now and explore the problem by implementing your own model, or reproduce someone else’s from a paper or blog post.

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