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By Prasad Kothari, Author.

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This book is a discussion between Author and old friend (doctor) where Author walks the old friend through different social media marketing and analytics strategies along with the code. The book contains more than 100 case studies of insurance companies, hospitals and pharma companies about how they leveraged social media analytics to increase revenues and customer satisfaction. This book also gives relevant R codes used for social media analysis. The book is written in very simple yet effective way that a person from non-programming background can also understand it really well.

The book covers following chapters:

  1. Case Studies of Hospitals Implementing Social Media
  2. How to Conduct Social Media Campaigns
  3. Sentiment Analysis and Tools
  4. Medical Recruitment and Student Engagement on Social Media
  5. Social Media Measurement and Analysis
  6. Social Media Policies for Healthcare Organizations
  7. Social Media Policies for Pharma Companies
  8. Social Media Analytics for Pharma Companies & Impact
  9. Social Media Analytics for Insurance Companies
  10. Specialized Medical Social Networks and Analytics
  11. Short Snapshot of Medical Journals
  12. Social Media Networks and analytics for Specific Diseases
  13. Snapshot of Some of the Leading social media Platforms for Patients
  14. Top 10 Tweeter Analysis Tools for Patients
  15. More analytics Tools
  16. R-Studio
  17. Helpful Tools for Hospitals to Perform Social Media Analytics<

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About the Author:

Prasad Kothari is an analytics thought leader. He has worked extensively with Organizations such as Merck, Sanofi Aventis, Freddie Mac, Fractal Analytics, and the National Institute of Health on various analytics and big data projects. He has published various research papers in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and American public health. Prasad set up a team of fraud investigation at Freddie Mac which is world renowned team and has been known in fraud detection industry as a pioneer in cutting edge analytical techniques. Prasad also set up a team of sales forecasting at Merck and Sanofi Aventis and also helped these Pharmaceutical companies in discovering new ground breaking analytical techniques for drug discovery and clinical trials. Prasad also worked at US Government (Healthcare department at NIH) and consulted on various healthcare analytics projects.

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