Essential MLOps: A Free eBook

Check out this free ebook on the essentials of machine learning operations.

Essential MLOps: A Free eBook

MLOps, short for Machine Learning Operations, is a practice for collaboration and communication between data scientists and operations professionals to help manage production ML lifecycle. It blends machine learning, DevOps, and data engineering to standardize and streamline the deployment, testing, and monitoring of AI models in production.

MLOps is crucial because it addresses the challenges of deploying ML models at scale. It aids in managing the complexity, diversity, and volume of ML models while ensuring robust, repeatable, and scalable processes. Machine learning models are only as valuable as their real-world performance, and MLOps allows businesses to monitor and improve models continually over time.

Moreover, MLOps enforces automation, reproducibility, and continuous integration and deployment, which are all necessary to meet the fast-paced demands of modern businesses. These practices help in reducing time-to-market and ensuring model accuracy and reliability. Without MLOps, organizations may face difficulties in deploying and maintaining machine learning models, which could result in missed opportunities or ineffective AI applications. Thus, MLOps plays a pivotal role in operationalizing AI, bringing more accuracy, efficiency, and predictability to the process.

There are a wide variety of resources to learn about the foundations of MLOps, and now there is another to add to the mix. Data Science Horizons has recently published a free ebook on the essentials of MLOps, titled Essential MLOps: What You Need to Know for Successful Implementation.


Essential MLOps: What You Need to Know for Successful Implementation covers a wide range of topics, from the foundational concepts of MLOps and the role of data scientists and engineers in this discipline, to essential skills such as data management, model training and evaluation, and continuous integration and deployment. Additionally, we dive into the tools and technologies that facilitate MLOps implementation, including data version control systems, CI/CD tools, and monitoring solutions. Finally, through a series of case studies, we demonstrate the real-world impact of MLOps across various industries, highlighting how it can lead to improved efficiency, more informed decision-making, and better overall performance.


The ebook covers a lot of ground in a relatively low number of pages, concisely introducing readers to important topics in the world of MLOps.

If interested in a beginner's introduction to machine learning operations, have a look at Essential MLOps: What You Need to Know for Successful Implementation.

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