A powerful new IDE to build, test, and run Apache Spark applications on your desktop for free!

Build enterprise-grade functionally rich Spark applications with the aid of an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface and a wide array of pre-built Spark operators.

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Apache Spark is one of the most popular big data frameworks today. Even though Spark’s popularity has grown significantly, unavailability of Spark talent is impacting a broader and deeper adoption of Spark.

Why Spark skills are not growing at the same pace

With the rapidly changing big data technology landscape, Spark itself is evolving, and developers and enterprise IT teams can find it challenging to keep up with the pace.Even though Spark’s open source availability provides an easily accessible platform for experimentation, it demands a steep learning curve and requires extensive development, integration and testing effort, to build production-ready Spark applications.

Simplifying Spark is the answer

Visual Spark StudioTM provides a solution to the complexities involved in building enterprise-grade applications on Spark for both batch and streaming mode. It is a free, quick-start lightweight product, which anybody can download and use to accelerate their Spark learning and usage.

Impetus Visual Spark Studio

A Spark-only version of StreamAnalytix, Visual Spark Studio offers the same powerful visual interface that dramatically increases developer productivity by providing ready-to-use operators to select, drag-and-drop, connect, and configure to realize a fully functional Spark pipeline.

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