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Trending Deep Learning Github Repositories

Check these pair of resources for trending and top GitHub deep learning repositories for some new ideas on what to be looking out for.

Source: Cameron McEfee

This GitHub repository may be a bit out of date, having not been updated at all in the past 5 months, but given its wealth of quality links to other deep learning repositories I thought it was relevant enough to point out.

Trending Deep Learning is a collection of, well, trending deep learning GitHub repos "sorted by the number of stars gained on a specific day." Mahmoud Badry maintians the collection (or did), and also prepared the companion collection repo Top Deep Learning (note the swapping of "trending" for "top").

While you might want a fresher perspective on trending repos, Badry notes the search he performs to gather the leaderboard:

Here's a list of top 100 deep learning Github trending repositories sorted by the number of stars gained on a specific day. The query that has been used with Github search API is:

  • deep-learning OR CNN OR RNN OR "convolutional neural network" OR "recurrent neural network"

Repositories with 50000 stars or more are excluded.

You can get a sense of the most recent updates of trending repos here:


For comparison, here are the most recent updates from Badry's top repo:


I found some things of interest here. Hopefully you do too.


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