Gold BlogPapers with Code: A Fantastic GitHub Resource for Machine Learning

Looking for papers with code? If so, this GitHub repository, a clearinghouse for research papers and their corresponding implementation code, is definitely worth checking out.

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Looking for papers with code?

If so, this GitHub repository, accurately titled "Papers with Code," by Zaur Fataliyev, is just what you are after.

Papers with code. Sorted by stars. Updated weekly.

That may be straight to the point, but it's also pretty accurate.

Fataliyev, a Machine Learning Engineer based on Seoul, has put together this extensive collection with the help of contributor requests, and further describes the repo as such:

This work is in continuous progress and update. We are adding new PWC everyday! Tweet me @fvzaur

Use this thread to request us your favorite conference to be added to our watchlist and to PWC list.

Besides being sorted by stars, the papers are also arranged by year, making it even easier to find standout research — with, of course, corresponding code.

By year

So be sure to check out the repo if it sounds like something which might interest you, and also send your thanks to Zaur for putting together something so useful to the rest of us.