Gold Blog2019 Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics – Europe Edition

We provide an updated list of our comprehensive, unbiased survey of graduate programs in Data Science and Analytics from across Europe.

European Masters MapBack in 2017 we ran a series of articles looking at the Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics, looking at Online courses, courses in America/Canada and in Europe. Well, we’ve updated that list now with the latest details, fees and university rankings, as well as adding a whole bunch of new countries and courses.

As before, the costs are limited to full-time tuition and most of them do not include living expenses like transportation and housing. The tuition currency we have used is USD (converted price as of 6th April 2019), for simplicity and generality and the fees shown are for the 2019-20 academic year. We’ve also included a World University Computer Science ranking where applicable. The programs listed here are all campus-based, i.e., we have not included online degrees.

We have made a strong effort to include programs for all budgets, interests, locations, and curriculum. Feel free to share any additional program you think might improve the diversity of this compilation.

European Masters Courses

Fig. 1: Tuition vs Number of Masters Programs in Europe.

Europe (Multiple Countries)

  • EIT Digital Master School's M.Sc. in Data Science.The Data Science Masters offers a unique two-year academic programme, whereby students study data science, innovation and entrepreneurship at two different leading European universities in a variety of locations like Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain. (24-month program, EU: $1,684, Non-EU: $13,479 full tuition)


  • Donau-Universität Krems' Master of Science in Data Studies. This program conveys to students comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the systematic application of computer-assisted and data-based processes with digital resources. (24-month program, $16,680 full tuition)
  • NEW Danube University Krems’ M.Sc in Data Studies. The new post-graduate course Data Study responds to the increasing demand for competencies on the bridge between cultural and computer science. It conveys to students comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the systematic application of computer-assisted and data-based processes with digital resources. (24-month program, $33,220 full tuition)


  • University of Antwerp's M.Sc. in Computer Science: Data Science.During your study at the University of Antwerp, you can live through a wide variety of applications of computer science. You will get first hand experience in a challenging, creative, dynamic and multi-disciplinary environment where you can contribute to the realisation of international projects. (24-month program, EU: $2,107, Non-EU: $11,906 full tuition, CS Rank: 425)
  • Ghent University's M.Sc. in Statistical Data Analysis.This programme offers intensive training in modern statistical methods and data analysis to scientists from a variety of fields including biology, bio-informatics, economy and marketing, environmental and life sciences, engineering, mathematics and physics, psychology and social sciences. (12-month program, $1,340 full tuition, CS Rank: 225)
  • Liège Université's Master in Data Science.The strong theoretical background of this program will allow students to understand the scope of existing big data solutions, to be able to evolve them and also to follow the very rapid evolution of the sector throughout his career. This program aims to help the students develop and master the scientific foundations of data science like how to implement computer tools, and how to develop a solution in a real environment, among others. (24-month program, $1,976 full tuition)


  • University of Helsinki's Master of Science in Data Science.In this program, you will gain a solid understanding of the methods used in data science. You will learn not only to apply data science: you will acquire insight into how and why methods work so you will be able to construct solutions to new challenges in data science. You will also be able to work on problems specific to a scientific discipline and to combine domain knowledge with the latest data analysis methods and tools. The teachers of the programme are themselves active data science researchers, and the programme is heavily based on first-hand research experience. (24-month program, EU: Free, Non-EU: $16,848 full tuition, CS Rank: 175)


  • École Polytechnique's M.Sc. in Data Science for Business.This program aims at training students in data sciences and provides them with high-level skills on technological, scientific, strategic and business levels. Our association represents the best Engineering & Business combination Europe could possibly offer, particularly in the field of Data Science and Business. this program is offered as a dual degree with HEC Paris Business School. (24-month program, $44,704 full tuition, CS Rank: 75)
  • ENSAI's Master of Science in Statistics for Smart Data.ENSAI’s program goes beyond Big Data; it has shifted its emphasis to Smart Data, thus meeting the vital challenge of smart sensing and smart processing of the plethora of data available. Smart Data focuses on revealing the Value and Veracity from the Volume, Variety and Velocity of Big Data. Thanks to ENSAI’s renowned expertise in Data Science and its innovative approach in training specialists to process and analyze data, strong links have been built with the professional world and graduates are highly sought after. (12-month program, Regular candidates: $8,985, Professionals and Businesses: $11,232 full tuition)
  • IMT Atlantique's Master of Science in Data Science.This program is aimed at future experts in the design of high-performance support systems for data mining, knowledge extraction and decision aiding. This Masters program also offers a gateway to PhD studies. (24-month program, EU: $6,150, Non-EU: $10,878 full tuition, CS Rank: 275)
  • EURECOM's Master of Data Science and Engineering.This program's objectives are to combine computer and statistical sciences to develop cutting-edge and fundamental tools to efficiently address applied issues related to data processing; learn how to develop methods, algorithms and software able to extract value out of huge masses of heterogeneous data with several dimensions; and provide a cohesive blend of technical classes in data mining, software engineering, distributed systems coupled with fundamentals in Business, Innovation and Project Management to develop profiles which are highly valued by corporate recruiters. (18-month program, EU: $5,616, Non-EU: $11,232 full tuition. 24-month program, EU: $6,739, Non-EU: $13,479 full tuition, CS Rank: 575)
  • EISTI's International Master in Big Data. The objective of this Master is to train specialists in information systems and decision support, holding a large range of mathematic- and computer-based tools which would allow them to deal with real problems, analyzing their complexity and bringing efficient algorithmic and architectural solutions. Big Data is going to be the Next Big Thing over the coming 10 years. (24-month program, $15,725 full tuition)
  • ESSEC Business School's M.Sc. in Data Sciences and Business Analytics.This program, offered jointly with Centrale Supélec, is built on the premise of learning by doing. That is to say, we don't want you to just theorize about your chosen field of expertise, but to experience it and to delve into the complexities of business life in the real world. That is why, all students will go on an international field trip, do an internship and write a final thesis. (12-month program, $25,834 full tuition. 24-month program, $39,313 full tuition)
  • University Jean Monnet's M.Sc. in Machine Learning and Data Mining. This is an international master program of University Jean Monnet (UJM) and the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne. It provides an original scientific position in Europe on problems related to machine learning, big data, pattern recognition, classification, modelling, knowledge extraction and data mining. These issues have a strong employability potential for students trained in the fields of data science, prediction, data analysis or decision support, as well as in the area of the Web, image and video processing, health informatics, fraud and anomaly detection, etc. (24-month program, $1,404 full tuition)
  • Data ScienceTech Institute's M.Sc. in Applied Data Science & Big Data.This 6-month of classes and 6-month internship program is designed to open your career to these Big Data Analytics jobs all industries are looking for. (12-month program, $16,287 full tuition)
  • IÉSEG's Master of Science in Big Data Analytics for Business.Participants are exposed to the leading-edge fundamentals in decision-making by extracting knowledge from Big Data, including social media data, customer web traffic data and inventory process logs. (12-month program, $17,972 full tuition)
  • NEW EM Lyon MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science. This MSc is a 18-month program designed to grow a new generation of leading marketing specialists – digital savvy professionals that can benefit from an explosive growth of online technologies to develop business. (18-month program, $27,138 full tuition)


  • Technical University of Munich's Master of Science in Mathematics in Data Science.This master's program is oriented towards students who want to receive a high-profile education in mathematics with an emphasis on the burgeoning area of Big Data. Graduates of this program are qualified to understand in detail complex techniques for data editing and data analysis, how to adapt complex models to concrete problems, to combine and redevelop them in order to derive prediction and classification models. (24-month program, $568 full tuition, CS Rank: 34)
  • Technical University of Munich's Master of Science in Data Engineering and Analytics.The master program Data Engineering and Analytics steps up to these developments and provides an education that on the one hand enables graduates to design and plan industry grade solutions in the area of Big Data, on the other hand creates a solid starting point for ventures into research. (24-month program, $568 full tuition, CS Rank: 34)
  • Ludwig Maximilians Universität's MS in Data Science.The elite program Data Science is an interdisciplinary program and is carried out jointly by the Department of Statistics and the Institute for Informatics at LMU Munich. The program is part of and is supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria. (24-month program, $568 full tuition, CS Rank: 75)
  • University of Hildesheim's International Master's in Data Analytics.This program combines both, a deep and thorough introduction to cutting edge research in Machine learning, Big Data and analytical technology and complementary training in selected application domains. Data Analytics will provide students the knowledge and skills required for modeling and analysis of complex systems in application domains from business such as marketing and logistics as well as from science such as computer science and environmental science based on modern state-of-the-art Machine Learning methods. (24-month program, $1,788 full tuition)
  • University of Mannheim's Master of Science in Data Science.This program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain operational insight from large and complex datasets. The program provides both a solid theoretical foundation as well as practical skills for data management and data analytics. A wide range of courses are offered in these areas, along with data science projects to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. (24-month program, EU: $568, Non-EU: $6,739 full tuition)
  • Technical University of Dortmund's Master of Science in Data Science.This program is a joint project of the Faculties of Statistics, Information Technology and Mathematics. The working environment is always changing and developing, and that's why we teach necessary methods, knowledge and information with the aim to be able to work in the field of science, making sure students have scientific awareness and can trade it responsibly. (24-month program, $1,242 full tuition, CS Rank: 325)
  • Beuth University of Technology's Master of Science in Data Science.The master will qualify students to analyse big data efficiently and to create systems/solutions for Machine Learning. Therefore they will be all set for future industrial demands. The focus areas of this Data Science Master are "Urban Technologies" and "Intelligent Machines" and is explicitly interdisciplinary constructed. (24-months program, $1,560 full tuition)
  • Otto von Guericke University's Master of Science in Dat and Knowledge Engineering.This program delivers in-depth knowledge and competences in Data Science, one of the most promising career areas for ambitious computer scientists. Its subject area is "Engineering" for Data and for Knowledge, aiming to turn passive data into exploitable knowledge. (24-month program, Free)
  • Leuphana University of Lüneburg's Master in Management & Data Science.This program is geared towards students wanting to advance their skills in the data analysis of real-world phenomena. After completion of this program our graduates have the ability to analyze massive and complex data sets, design statistical models based on the latest in information technology. The program is designed to meet the fast-growing demand for data scientists in business, public administration, and research. (24-month program, $1,586 full tuition)
  • NEW Arden University’s M.Sc. in Data Analytics and Marketing. Learn a range of essential marketing skills, including analysing statistics and interpreting large sets of data, with the Data Analytics and Marketing programme offered by GISMA Business School and awarded by Arden University. (12-month program, $16848 full tuition)



  • Central European University's Master of science in Business Analytics.This advanced and practice oriented program, will enhance students' ability to use data analytics and machine learning to extract quantitative insight and build predictive models as well as make evidence-based decisions. Courses on network science, strategy management or behavioral economics will broaden the understanding of data driven decision-making. Learning about data architecture, big data computing and technology management will prepare for managing data as a strategic asset. (10-month program, $16,848 full tuition)
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics' M.Sc. in Business Information Systems. This program offers specialization in Analytical Business Intelligence (MSc in ABI), and is a professional degree designed to give students a thorough understanding of the field: the tools and methods of advanced analytics used in business life. (24-month program, $7,592 full tuition, CS Rank: 425)


  • Maynooth University's M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics.This is a 12-month conversion course designed to give students the knowledge and skills to collect, process analyse and visualise data in order to extract useful information, explore patterns and evaluate models. The course is a collaboration between the Departments of Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science and the National Centre for Geocomputation. (12-month program, $7,330 EU, $15,962 Non-EU full tuition, CS Rank: 525)
  • Dublin Institute of Technology's Master of Computing (Data Analytics).This program run by the Dublin Institute of Technology Schools of Computing and Mathematical Sciences designed to create hybrid technologists to work in the growing and important area of data analytics. Data analytics is the science of extracting actionable insight from large amounts of raw data. Hybrid technologists are graduates equipped with deep technical skills (data management, data mining, probability and statistics, and machine learning), but also with the softer skills required to work effectively within organizations. (18-month program, $5,600 one-year tuition, CS Rank: 575)
  • Dublin City University's M.Sc. in Computing (Data Analytics Major).This program aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the issues, techniques and tools, required to examine large amounts of raw data and extract meaningful information. Students are introduced to the challenges of dealing with large heterogeneous data sources and with the scientific methods to extract actionable knowledge from these. (12-month program, $7,980 EU, $18,680 Non-EU full tuition, CS Rank: 275)
  • NEW Belfast Queen’s University M.Sc in Data Analytics. Data Analytics is an exciting field of rapid developments. Data is everywhere and continuing to grow massively, creating huge growth in demand for qualified experts to be able to extract the real benefit from the data. (12-month program, $7170 full tuition, CS Rank: 325)


  • Collegio Carlo Alberto's Master in Data Science for Complex Economic Systems.The course offers theoretical and hands-on knowledge in advanced analytics – big data, machine-learning network analysis, and agent-based simulation – and applies it to modelling, management, forecasting and policymaking in innovation, urban and consumption systems. MADAS faculty and partners ensure high academic standards and strong ties with the industry. (12-month program, $6,739 full tuition)
  • Politecnico di Milano's Master in Business Analytics and Big Data.Business Analytics and Big Data master program is an innovative programme based on a holistic educational experience, where theory and practice are fully interlaced through the continuous support of companies and international partners. Furthermore, being in constant relationship with the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, the course is at the forefront of research on ICTs for big data analysis and management. (12-month program, $17,972 full tuition, CS Rank: 37)
  • University of Genova's M.Sc. in Computer Science - Data Science and Engineering.The backbone of the program is 3 core units on advanced data management, machine learning, and high performance computing. Leveraging on the expertise of our faculty, the rest of the program is organised in four tracks: Business Intelligence, Health & Life Sciences, Pervasive Computing, and Visual Computing. (24-month program, $6,739 full tuition, CS Rank: 275)
  • Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi's M.Sc. in Data Science and Business Analytics.This program is designed for students having a strong bent for Computational, Statistical, and Mathematical Sciences and a genuine interest in working with data. Students will be taught cutting edge techniques for extracting impactful information from large data sets and for effectively communicating them in order to influence the strategic decisions of the organizations where they will work. (24-month program, $31,451 full tuition)
  • NEW Università di Padova's Master of Science in Data Science. The program intends to build Data Scientists whose solid technical background is complemented by a multidisciplinary preparation on various fields in which big data emerge. Graduates will be able to master tools coming from Engineering, Computer Sciences, Statistics and Mathematics for collecting, managing and analyzing big data, and to translate their work into highly valuable information. (24-month program, $5,840 full tuition, CS Rank: 125)
  • Sapienza Università di Roma's Master in Data Science.Provides a solid and modern preparation, allowing graduates to understand and manage the many aspects of carrying out a complete data analysis, including its acquisition, management, and statistical analysis. (24-month program, $3,460 full tuition, CS Rank: 75)
  • NEW University of Milan-Bicocca's Master in Data Science. The objective of the Master of Science in Data Science at the University of Milan Bicocca is to train high-level professionals who are able to integrate knowledge related to techniques, languages ​​and information technologies with knowledge on the techniques, methodologies and environments of statistical analysis, applying them to the processes of management, analysis and use for business, administrative and social purposes of digital data. (24-month program, tuition fees vary but are up to $3,500 per year, CS Rank: 375)