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Learn About Data Science & the Future of Investing from Hedge Fund Leaders at Rev 2

Rev 2 features interactive sessions, Q&A with industry luminaries, poster sessions for interesting modeling techniques and accomplishments, and stimulating conversations about how to make data science an enterprise-grade capability.

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Data Science Rev 2

Coatue Management Co-founder and Senior Managing Director Thomas Laffont will take the stage at Rev 2 alongside his Head of Data Science, Alex Izydorczyk, in what is sure to be a fascinating discussion moderated by Point72’s Chief Market Intelligence Officer and Managing Director Matthew Granade. (Full disclosure: Matthew Granade is also a Domino co-founder and board member, and Coatue Management is both an investor and customer of Domino’s.)

Coatue has been “ahead of the AI revolution,” according to Forbes, with large holdings in innovators like Nvidia, Google, and Equinix. They’ve also been making splashes in the private market recently, dubbed by Institutional Investor “one of the most aggressive hedge fund investors” with noteworthy investments in Instacart, Lyft,,, Uber, and Snapchat. They launched two venture capital funds in 2018, and in February, Founder and Chief Investment Officer Philippe Laffont announced Coatue will launch its first quant hedge fund, which will be fully systematic and market-neutral.

Point72 also weights its investments toward industries fueled by model-driven innovations, allocating more than 22% to healthcare, 21% to technology, and 16% to energy. The firm has expanded its geographic footprint in the last year, and recently launched operations in Sydney to focus on macro investing. The hedge fund raised more than $4 billion in outside capital in 2018, bringing total assets under management to roughly $13 billion (as of November 2018).

Both Coatue and Point72 recognize the power of data science as an organizational capability; they’ve been successful by pairing quantitative and discretionary approaches to investing, according to Bloomberg.

But financial firms have relied on models for decades. It’s just been called “quantitative research” instead of “data science”, right? So what has changed with new approaches to modeling and evolutions within the data science industry?

During their discussion at Rev, the three hedge fund leaders will exchange perspectives and address questions like:

  • How are hedge funds leveraging models to drive innovation and new strategies across the business?
  • How are investment strategies in public and private markets changing with the evolution of data science and modeling practices?
  • What lessons and concepts from finance firms’ quant research experiences have been valuable to incorporate into the new data science regime? Conversely, what must hedge funds “unlearn” from their past ways of operating?
  • What are some concrete tactics and techniques for integrating data science into your fund? Which of those can be applied to businesses outside of the finance sector?
  • How to integrate data scientists with traditional analysts and portfolio managers?

The general session discussion will take place Friday, May 24 at the New York Marriott Marquis. To learn more about Rev 2 or to view the full agenda, visit Note that teams of 4+ who register together get a 50% discount on ticket fees. Or you can also use exclusive discount code KDNuggetREV for $100 off of a single ticket!

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