Silver BlogTop Certificates and Certifications in Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

Here are the top certificates and certifications in Analytics, AI, Data Science, Machine Learning and related areas.

Recently, we have investigated the best Masters courses in Data Science and Analytics in Europe, US/Canada, and and Online.

However, Masters degrees typically take 12 to 24 months, and in today's accelerated world many prospective Data Scientists wants to start sooner and are interested in Data Science/ML certificates which can be obtained in a few weeks. Others have been working for a while but want a credential - a certification - to validate their knowledge of Analytics / Data Science.

This blog presents the our survey of Top Certificates and Certifications in Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI.
Note: All the hard work of data collection for this post was done by Dan Clark, and I added visualizations and introduction. All data was current when collected but all costs and other information is obviously subject to change.

We use Certification to refer to an assessment provided by a professional society, such as INFORMS, or a company, such as Microsoft. This generally certifies that a person has achieved a high level of professional knowledge. Some companies call their certificates "certifications" but we included them with other certificates in Tables 2a and 2b below.

A Certificate is usually provided a college or another educational institution upon a completion of a course or a set of courses.

Table 1: Certifications by Professional Societies and Major Companies
OrganizationType (Link)DescriptionLength of studyCost ($ USD)Comment
CAP (INFORMS)Certified Analytics ProfessionalCAP is an independent validation showing you have superior knowledge of the entire analytics process.Self-study$695 Regular rate is $695, but $495 for INFORMS members.
Digital Analytics AssociationWeb Analyst CertificationObtain professional recognition after demonstrating their knowledge of and competency.Not stated$649
EMC CorporationData science and Big Data Analytics CertificationThis open curriculum-based training and certification provides a hands-on practitioner approach to the techniques and tools required for Big Data Analytics.Not stated$600 $600 (video streaming), $5,000 (instructor-led)
Great Learning (with. U. of Texas in Austin)PG Program - Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningTaught using mentored learning model that combines a live interactive online classroom experience, support, and career coaching.1 year/450 learning hours$5,500 $5,500 (pay up front), $7,500 (monthly installments)
SASBig Data CertificationDemonstrate your ability to use the tools and technology designed to handle big data.Not stated$2,250 $299 (per month), $2,250 (per year)
SASData Science CertificationMake yourself stand out - whether you're looking to change jobs, get a promotion or sharpen your current skills.Not stated$2,250 $299 (per month), $2,250 (per year)
TDWICertified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)For senior level personnel in IS/IT and specifically in the Data Management and Business Analytics area.Not stated$1,799
The CAS InstituteCertified Specialist in Predictive AnalyticsOffers analytics professionals and their employers the opportunity to certify skills specifically as applied to property/casualty insurance.150 hours suggested self-study time1320Includes online course, exam, course guide, textbooks and SMART Study Aids

Next, we present a list of online certificates from top universities. We used ranking based on 2019 Computer Science/IS Ranking by Top Universities .

Top Certificates in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning
Figure 1: Certificates in AI, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and related topics
Top Universities

The following table presents this information in more detail.

Table 2a: Certificates in AI, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and related topics
Top Universities
RankUniv/OrgProgram NameLength of studyCostOnline
1edX/MITMicroMasters® Program in Statistics and Data Science1 year (600-840 hours of effort)$1,350Online
1MITProfessional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial IntelligenceVaries325 application fee + 4 courses, each $2500-$5500Online
2StanfordMachine Learning3 months$5,040Online
4edX/ BerkeleyProfessional Certificate in Foundations of Data Science2-4 months (64-96 hours of effort)$267Online
7edX/ HarvardProfessional Certificate in Data Science2-4 months (102-184 hours of effort)$442Online
7Harvard ExtensionData Science Certificate18 months$11,000Online
7HarvardData Science: Machine Learning8 weeksNot statedOnline
13PrincetonUndergraduate Certificate ProgramNot statedNot statedOnline
17U. of WashingtonCertificate in Data ScienceVariesCosts start at $3,825Online/ Campus
17U. of WashingtonCertificate in Machine LearningVaries$4,035Online
18Columbia U.Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences12 months (12 credits)$24,216Both
18ColumbiaMachine Learning Certificate3 months$320Online
18edX/ ColumbiaData Science for Executives5 weeks (7-10 hours per week)$312.30Online
25CornellMachine Learning Certificate3-5 months$3,600Online
46edX/UC San DiegoData Science4 courses (10-15 weeks per course, 8-10 hours of effort per week)$1,260Online
125NorthwesternCertificate in Business Analytics for Decision Makers1 year$2,750Online
125NorthwesternCertificate in Business Analytics1 year$7,980Online
125Penn StateOnline Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics9 credits$8,775Online
125UCI extensionPredictive Analytics Certificate9-24 months$6,625Online
175Arizona State U. (ASU)Online Applied Business Data Analytics Undergrad Certificate18 total credit hours$595-$1,153 per credit hour ($10,710-$20,754 total)Online
175Arizona State U. (ASU)Online Advanced Analytics in Higher Education Graduate Certificate15 total credit hours$595-$1,153 per credit hour ($8,925-$17,295 total)Online
175Ohio U.Online Certificate in Data Analysis1 year$508 per credit hour (Ohio residents), $527 per credit hour (Non-Ohio residents)Online
275Washington U. in St LouisGraduate Certificate in Data Mining & Machine LearningVariesNot statedOnline
325Florida State U.Certificate in SAS Programming and Data AnalysisNot statedNot statedOnline
325Syracuse U.CAS in Data Science15 creditsNot statedOnline

Here is a list of certificates from other universities which did not have Top Universities ranking and other education providers such as Coursera.
Table 2b: Certificates in AI, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and related topics
Organizations and Unranked Universities, in alphabetical order
Univ/OrgProgram NameLength of studyCostOnline/
BCSBCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial IntelligenceVariesNot statedOnline
Bentley U.Graduate Certificate in Business AnalyticsMust be completed within 5 yearsNot statedCampus
Brandeis U.Graduate Certificate in Learning Analytics15 credits (18 months)$1,179 per credit ($17,685 total)Online
Clark U.Certificate in Business Analytics5 courses$23,125Campus
CognixiaData Science Certification30 hours of live trainingOnline
CourseraData Science Specialization8 monthsNot stated without registeringOnline
Coursera, offered by StanfordMachine Learning Certification55 hoursNot statedOnline
edX/MicrosoftMicrosoft Professional Program in Data Science10 courses (16-32 hours per course) + final project$99 per course ($1,089 overall)Online
edX/IBMProfessional Certificate in Deep Learning2-4 months (52-104 hours of effort)$445.50Online
Great Learning (Collaboration with U. of Texas in Austin)PG Program - Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningVaries$5,500 (pay upfront), $1,000 per month ($7,000 overall)Online
IntellipaatData Science Certification Training Course$193 (self-paced), $348 (online classroom)Online
Oklahoma State U.Graduate Certificate in Business Data Mining12-18 monthsNot statedOnline
SimplilearnData Science Certification$1,420 (self-paced), $1,270 (online classroom)Online
Spring PeopleData Science TrainingOnline (12 hours), Classroom (2 days)Not statedOnline
U. of ArkansasBusiness Analytics Certificate9 months$11,700Online
U. of DelawareAnalytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate3 months, 45 contact hours$2,895Campus
U. of New HampshireData Science Certificate4 months$9,600Online
U. of New HampshireAnalytics Certificate10 weeksnaCampus