Is M.Tech in Data Science Worth It?

Is M.Tech in Data Science worth it or should you learn using just online courses and projects. Let's try to find the answer to that question.

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Data Science is fast becoming one of the most popular technologies in the world! More and more data is generated every year so it stands to reason that Data Science is becoming increasingly important in order to obtain insights from that data. But how to go about learning Data Science? There are many professionals in the field who don't have any formal education while some others have M.Tech degrees or even Ph.D. So what should you choose? Is M.Tech in Data Science worth it or should you learn using just online courses and projects. Let's try to find the answer to that question.

There are many factors that decide whether you should pursue an M.Tech in Data Science or not. They mostly depend on your individual circumstances such as whether you want to have a higher education for the sake of knowledge or for the purpose of getting a job, your financial circumstances, whether you want to spend 2 or 3 years in a Masters course learning a new technology and so on. However, the primary factors that may influence your choice is if you are a student or a working professional currently? So let's see the future options you can take in each of these circumstances.


Are you a Student?

There are many people from different backgrounds that can have a career in Data Science. For example, there are many Data Scientists who have a degree in varied fields like Mathematics, Statistics, IT, Marketing, etc. It might be tough if you are a student of a totally unrelated field like Fine Arts, but otherwise you have high chances of becoming a Data Scientist! You can learn the skills and talents required for Data Science while completing your Bachelors and do some extra projects. Or if you feel that you need a structured course, then you can always do an M.Tech in Data Science after your Bachelors. Mostly, recruiting companies care about your talent and knowledge so it's up to you to find the best way to acquire it. 


Are you a Professional?

If you are a professional who's already doing a job, then it may be a bit tricky to switch to a job as a Data Scientist. You can already study all the technologies and knowledge required on your off-duty hours and weekends and finally apply for a Data Scientist job when you feel ready. This might be a bit easier if you are already in a related field such as Tech, Finance, etc. Another option is that you can leave your job to pursue a Master's professionally. This will give you more time to understand Data Science in depth and then apply for jobs when you are ready. Of course, the final decision is yours depending on whether you can afford to leave your job, if you prefer online studies or offline, etc.

But how should you decide whether an M.Tech in Data Science is worth it or not? Should you do an M.Tech which takes at least 2 years or just learn some skills on the internet or from online courses?


What parameters to use for doing M.Tech in Data Science?

There are some parameters you can consider while deciding if you want to do M.Tech in Data Science or not. You can measure yourself against these parameters and then decide the option that suits you best.

  1. How much knowledge do you have of Data Science?
    It's important to understand how much knowledge you have of Data Science. It's a complex field composed of many topics like Python, R, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, etc. If you already have some basic knowledge of these topics, then you can opt for an online course from an MOOC. But if you prefer more in-depth knowledge or you are a complete novice in this field, then it's best to opt for M.Tech in Data Science as it will teach you all these aspects in detail.

  2. Do you prefer Online or Offline Learning?
    There are some people who prefer the convenience of learning online at their own pace. On the other hand, some people prefer having a more structured routine with exams and deadlines that helps them learn and also test their knowledge thoroughly. So you would make an informed choice based on your preferences. Most of the Masters offered in Data Science are offline learning which provide detailed knowledge. However, if you are there are online options for courses if you want more flexibility. 

  3. How comprehensive is the Curriculum?
    It's also important to know the curriculum of the Data Science course that you are planning to pursue. You should select a curriculum that is suited to your particular requirements. If you are a total beginner then it's better that you opt for a structured M.Tech in Data Science that will teach you everything from the basic to the advanced. But if you already have some knowledge about Data Science or its related fields such as IT, then you can select an online course that teaches you the skill set you lack. 

  4. Can you do Projects to improve your Portfolio?
    Projects are necessary to show prospective employers that you know Data Science. A portfolio of projects helps a lot in interviews where you can demonstrate your skills with examples rather than just saying you know them. So you should choose courses that allow you to create original projects. There are many online bootcamps that are quite popular but they follow a rigid structure with only specified projects that don't allow for creativity or innovation. It's better to opt for an M.Tech that lets you create individual projects as a part of classes which you can later display on GitHub, Kaggle or your own website.

  5. Do you prefer full-time or part-time studies?
    You should choose between full-time and part-time course load before selecting any avenue for Data Science If you are a professional currently working in the industry, then a part-time course would be a better option. However, if you are willing to leave your job or are a student, then a full-time course is the best option for you. A full-time M.Tech in Data Science is available for 2 years in most universities while a part-time M.Tech takes 3 or 4 years approximately. If you opt for an online course on a MOOC platform, then there is no boundation of full time or part time as you can complete these courses at your own time when you are free.


So should you go for an M.Tech in Data Science?

This is an individual choice that you should make based on your circumstance, but in general, an M.Tech in Data Science is definitely worth it. There are many options that you can choose, whether it be an M.Tech from an accredited institution or just an online degree course. If you are a working professional and want to study at your own pace, you can opt for an online course. However, you need a high level of discipline to study at your own pace in online courses. On the other hand, there are many benefits to completing an M.Tech from an accredited university on-campus. This will allow you to learn Data Science in depth from the basics to the more advanced concepts. A university environment can also help in building connections that are extremely important and may lead to future job opportunities.

One such excellent option is studying M.Tech in Data Science and Machine Learning from PES University (Karnataka's Greatest University!) in combination with GreatLearning. This is an on-campus Masters degree that will provide you knowledge on all aspects of Data Science and Machine Learning and end with a Capstone Project and your Master's thesis. You can learn different languages and tools such as Python, Tableau, SQL, Hadoop, TensorFlow, Spark, Kafka, etc. along with technologies like Data Visualization, Regression, Classification, and Clustering algorithms, Natural Language Processing, etc. And that's not all! You will be fully supported in getting a job with 1 one 1 career mentorship, interview preparation workshops, aptitude skill training, etc. 

And this M.Tech in Data Science with GreatLearning is an excellent option for you even if you're a working professional. It is only provided in weekend classroom learning sessions by top ranked faculty so you can have the best of both worlds! So what are you waiting for? Go for it and learn one of the most popular technologies in the world!