Three reasons to self-host your product analytics

Want three reasons to avoid the cloud and host your own analytics platform? More data, more control, more secure.

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Three reasons to self-host your product analytics

When choosing a new analytics platform, one of the most important decisions you can make is where the platform and your data will be hosted — in a third-party’s cloud, or on your own infrastructure. Cloud-hosted analytics are usually the norm and some enable you to get started quickly, yet a growing number of teams are instead choosing to self-host with platforms such as PostHog. 

Here are three powerful reasons why self-hosting is a convincing alternative to traditional cloud deployments.


1. Overcome ad blockers instantly

Unlike cloud-hosted solutions, which rely on third-party cookies, self-hosted solutions collect data directly from the user. This means they’re able to collect more usable data and better quality data because they aren’t disrupted by ad blockers or privacy features.

With an estimated 45% of consumers using ad blockers, self-hosting has become critical for modern, data-led businesses. Some teams who run multiple analytics platforms concurrently see +50% more data captured by their self-hosted PostHog deployment!

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2. Retain control over your analytics platform

Cloud-hosted services can be a convenient way to deploy and are especially helpful if you don’t want to manage the operational side of your hosting. Sometimes though, it can be helpful to have direct control of things like when updates install or data retention policies.

Open-source platforms such as PostHog offer even more control too. Users such as Lleo Harress, Software Engineer at MentionMe have built out an entire stack around their self-hosted deployment since launching PostHog earlier this year.

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3. Make security and compliance a breeze


Deploying onto your own infrastructure doesn’t just mean you’re able to get better data - it also means you retain full control over how that data is secured. There are no third-party services to audit; no additional compliance or security certifications to complete. Your data stays on your systems.

“We didn’t want to get into compliance issues with third parties because we deal with sensitive data,” said Rikin Kachhia, Software Engineer at Hasura. “Self-hosting on PostHog just took that problem away.”

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