Octoparse 8.5: Empowering Local Scraping and More

Octoparse 8.5 is now released with game-changing new features and major improvements.

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What's new in Octoparse 8.5?

Scraping Speed, Ease of Use, and Secure Data Storage are essential elements to a web scraping tool and its users. These are what Octoparse 8.5 is designed to focus on.  

For this update, most of the work goes to Local Run/Local Scraping (compared to Cloud Scraping), dashboard task management, and some smaller optimizations such as Switch Cloud IP for a task & Time Zone Conversion.


Live Logs for troubleshooting local runs

With Octoparse 8.5, you can now

  • Check real-time logs for local runs (for task inspection)
  • Pause & resume a local run when needed

With the new version, you will now be provided with the Error Log which tells you to your face what went wrong and where did it get stuck, such that fixing the problem becomes much easier as the problem gets spotted. No more guesswork. 

Octoparse 8.5: Empowering Local Scraping and More

Boost mode for 3X faster local runs

Yes, Cloud scraping is fast and efficient. Yet, as the "Boost Mode" for local scraping comes along, speed is not the privilege for cloud scraping any more! Octoparse 8.5 introduces "Boost Mode" for local extraction for up to 3X faster extraction as the task splits itself into multiple subtasks that run concurrently. As a results, you'll get your data much faster. 


Auto-backup local data to the Cloud

With Octoparse 8.5, you can now

  • Access historical data for each run on your local device
  • Auto back-up local run data to the cloud

With the previous version, Octoparse only keep the last set of data for any local runs. As the Local Run History went live, you are now able to access every batch of data you have scraped with the same task. 


Manage your task with batch actions

With Octoparse 8.5, you can now

  • Manage multiple tasks at once using batch actions, such as duplicate task, stop cloud runs, schedule local runs, and etc.
  • Sort/filter your tasks more efficiently using the new parameters included in the filters. You can even save the filter settings for later use. 

Beside all the above, there are still improvement to be discovered as you fiddle with the brand new 8.5 version yourself. If you have any problems, feel free to reach out to support@octoparse.com.