How to Stay Current in Python

Staying current with Python will help maintain your hireability, get new opportunities, and continue to grow your knowledge.

How to Stay Current in Python
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How do you stay up to date as a Python developer? This is an important question as it is one of the most important things you can do for your career and continue to grow. Technology is moving at a fast rate and it can be difficult to keep on top of all the changes and what’s specifically happening in your specialized programming language.
Staying current with Python will help maintain your hireability, get new opportunities, and continue to grow your knowledge. 


Go to the Source


The best place to know what's new with Python, the changes, updates, etc is to go to their website:

In their blog section, the Python frequently updates you with annual reports, conference info, bug fixes, upgrades, and more. There is also the possibility of signing up for their newsletter where you will receive important community news. You can also keep up to date on their Community News page with what other people are getting up to with Python and expand your knowledge. 

If you want to know what’s new, you can look at the What’s New in Python section to stay current with Python. 

The Python Software Foundation offers a membership, which is now an open membership organization since 2014. Their aim is to support people within the Python community and provide grant programs to help Python users in sprints, conferences, meetups, and more. 

These are all very good ways to be in the loop about bettering yourself as a Python user. 




Simply read about Python. Everything Python related should be on your reading list. This can be using a variety of blogs and other platforms such as the Google News section where you can find the most recent articles about Python... but also understand that you will see a lot of articles about the actual snake. 

At KDnuggets, we have a particular section for all Python-related blogs, have a read of them here

There is no harm in purchasing Python books, even though you may be proficient in it. You may come across different ways to do a similar task, or may even find yourself learning something new. 




I came across RealPython on YouTube, when I was learning Python, which has been around since 2012. If you want to stay current with Python, what a better place to get that information from than a dedicated team that is all and everything about Python!

They are currently available on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as having a Podcast and you can also sign up for their Newsletter. They also have a private Community slack channel where you can meet other Python users, or what they like to call themselves: ‘Pythonistas’. You can discuss your code, career, upcoming tutorial topics, and more. 

Last but not least, their membership! The point of their membership is when their owner and editor-in-chief, Dan Bader was frustrated with the understanding that once you’re a professional developer, you’re also an adult with responsibilities. Therefore, the time to sit and learn about new tools and aspects of Python can become very difficult. The membership provides you with hundreds of Python video lessons and new course content which is released every week with a supporting Python community to keep you going and available when you have questions. 


Python Developer Community


The Python Developer Community on LinkedIn currently has 867,766 members. The group was created in September 2007 where a group of professional Python developers and users can expand their knowledge, skills & network. This is a good interactive and social way to stay current with Python. 

You will see topics around Scikit-Learn, Keras, NumPy, Pandas, Django, PyTorch, SciPy, TensorFlow, PyScript, Matplotlib, OpenCV, and more. 




Another way to keep current with Python is by attending Python related conferences and events. This way you can learn more about what other people and organizations are doing with Python, and learn from them. You can find out more about these conferences, including Python-focused events, as well as other related conferences on our websites, here. You can also find out more on PyCon, a conference dedicated solely to the programming language.

You will be surprised by what people are doing behind closed doors and this would be a great opportunity for many of you to explore the same route. You will have first-hand knowledge of the big movements in Python, putting you ahead of other programmers. This also helps you to network and meet new people; essentially helping you build a deeper connection with the Python community. 




There’s a variety of resources out there to help you stay current in Python; you just need to find what works for you. Maybe you’re someone who likes to meet people - a conference is a right route for you. Maybe you’re a bookworm and like to read alone - there are tonnes of Python resources out there. 

Find your method of learning to better your Python programming career!

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