Aalto: Postdocs in machine learning and related areas

Several postdoc positions in machine learning and probabilistic modeling, constraints and optimization, intelligent multimodal information access, and computational molecular biology and medicine at Aalto and U. of Helsinki. Apply by Feb 28, 2013.

Aalto University and U. of Helsinki (COIN)At: Aalto University and U. of Helsinki (COIN)
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Web: www.aalto.fi/en/

Finnish Center of Excellence in Computational Inference Research (COIN) works on fundamental questions of inference and in applications in Intelligent Information Access, Computational Molecular Biology and Medicine, Computational History, Computational Climate, Computational Neuroscience and other directions yet to be determined.

Application for all the postdoc positions below due 28 Feb 15:00 o'clock EET.

Postdocs in machine learning and probabilistic modeling
There are opportunities for both methods development and theoretical work, and interdisciplinary applications.

Postdoc in constraints and optimization
Candidates having a strong background in constraint and rule based modeling (e.g. answer set programming, constraint satisfaction, propositional satisfiability and its extensions) and optimization techniques are encouraged to apply.

Postdocs in intelligent multimodal information access
The postdoc will develop and apply new multimodal information retrieval methods in our flagship project on Intelligent Information Access.

Postdocs in computational molecular biology and medicine
Particularly suitable topics are:

  • Ab initio protein structure prediction from many amino acid sequences;
  • Bayesian modelling of evolution;
  • Bayesian modelling in metabolomics;
  • Bayesian population genetics and genomics;
  • Biological applications of compressed sensing and related techniques;
  • Machine learning for brain imaging and computational neuroscience;
  • Machine learning for personalized medicine.