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Postdocs in CS, IR, Machine Learning, Data Analysis

Many postdoc positions at Aalto U. and U. of Helsinki in Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Human-Computer Interaction, Information retrieval, Logic, Machine Learning, Networks, and Statistical Data Analysis. Apply by Sep 30.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Application deadline Sept 30, 2013, 3:00 p.m. EEST

Topics include: Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Human-Computer Interaction, Information retrieval, Logic, Machine Learning, Networks, Statistical Data Analysis.

Jobs are available at:

  • Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Aalto Univ and Univ Helsinki;
  • Dept Computer Science, Univ Helsinki;
  • Dept Information and Computer Science, Aalto Univ;
  • Dept Computer Science and Engineering, Aalto Univ;
  • Dept Mathematics and Statistics, Univ Helsinki.

Why Helsinki? The collaborating Aalto University and University of Helsinki form a leading hub of computer science and modelling. Helsinki region is a safe, pleasant and attractive place to live in, with well-functioning services such as public transport etc. Finland has a comprehensive social security and health care system, including exceptionally good parental leaves, and children’s day care services.

Positions are offered in:

  • Algorithm engineering (String Algorithms group)
  • Algorithmic bioinformatics (Genome-Scale Algorithmics group)
  • Automated reasoning and search, especially propositional logic (Computational Logic group)
  • Computational astrophysics and/or data analysis (Computational Methods and Data Analysis for Astrophysics group)
  • Computational biology and statistical methods in bioinformatics (Computational Systems Biology group)
  • Computational creativity and data mining (Discovery group)
  • Dynamic and large-scale networked systems (Data Communications Software group)
  • Intelligent multimodal information access (Content-Based Image and Information Retrieval Group)
  • Machine learning and neuroscience (Statistical Machine Learning group)
  • Machine learning for structured data (Kernel Machines, Pattern Analysis and Computational Biology group)
  • Machine learning methods for infectious disease epidemiology (Bayesian Statistics Group)
  • Probabilistic modeling and machine learning (Complex Systems Computation group)
  • Statistical machine learning (Statistical Machine Learning group)
  • Analysing ubiquitous sensor data (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)
  • Interactive visualization (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)
  • Affective computing and BCI (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)
  • Intelligent user interfaces and/or recommender systems (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)
  • Information retrieval (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)
  • Machine learning and data analysis, especially information retrieval, HCI, text and context data (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)
  • Probabilistic modeling and data analysis for bioinformatics (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)

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