U. Bristol: Heilbronn Research Fellowships

Work on both your own research and Heilbronn research program, with a focus on applications in data analysis for cybersecurity. Apply by March 28.

UBristol At: UBristol
Location: Bristol, UK
Web: www.bristol.ac.uk

The School of Mathematics invites applications for one or more Research Fellowships in the areas of computational statistics and statistical learning, in association with the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research. You will divide your time equally between your own research and the research programme of the Heilbronn Institute, with a focus on applications in data analysis for cyber security.

Fellows are likely to be working in Bristol during the fellowship, though they may have the opportunity to work in London.

Due to the nature of the Heilbronn Institute's work, the appointment will require security vetting. Resident UK nationals will normally be able to meet this condition; other potential applicants should consult the Director about their eligibility before applying. You may become a member of the USS pension scheme. Research expenses of at least £2,000 per annum will also be available.

There is a salary supplement of £3.5K pa, in recognition of the distinctive nature of these Fellowships. Payment of this supplement is conditional on a finished thesis having been accepted in final form, because we expect Heilbronn Fellows to hold PhDs before working at the Heilbronn Institute.

The Fellowships will be for three years, with a preferred start date in October 2014, though another date may be possible by agreement.

Applications should include a statement of proposed research (not more than one side of A4). This should be attached to the end of your CV or cover letter.

Candidates should ask three referees to send references by the closing date (28th March 2014) to:

Heilbronn Administration Manager, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TW, UK Tel. (+44) 0117 331 5260
Email: Heilbronn-coordinator@bristol.ac.uk

It is a candidate's own responsibility to ensure that the reference letters are received by the closing date. These letters may be sent by email.

Enquiries about the fellowships may be addressed to Dr Oliver Johnson, School of Mathematics, telephone (+44)(0)117 928 8632,
email: assoc-director-himr@bristol.ac.uk .

Enquiries about the work of the Heilbronn Institute may be addressed to the Director of the Institute, Professor Geoff Robinson,
telephone (+44)(0)117 980 6303, email: G.R.Robinson@bristol.ac.uk.