About Fabio Ciucci

Fabio Ciucci is a Founder and CEO at Anfy srl in Lucca, Italy. Since 1996 he created own companies and advised others (entrepreneurs, family offices, venture capitalists) on private equity hi-tech investments and innovation, and artificial intelligence.

Fabio Ciucci Posts (3)

  • Will AI kill us all after taking our jobs? - 15 Sep 2017
    We are now in the middle of an AI hype wave which will decline. This is why I think that AI will take 100 or more years to become sentient, only after completely different AI systems will be created.
  • Gold BlogDeep Learning is not the AI future - 25 Aug 2017
    While Deep Learning had many impressive successes, it is only a small part of Machine Learning, which is a small part of AI. We argue that future AI should explore other ways beyond DL.
  • Silver Blog, July 2017AI and Deep Learning, Explained Simply - 21 Jul 2017
    AI can now see, hear, and even bluff better than most people. We look into what is new and real about AI and Deep Learning, and what is hype or misinformation.