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Nate Rosidi is a data scientist and in product strategy. He's also an adjunct professor teaching analytics, and is the founder of StrataScratch, a platform helping data scientists prepare for their interviews with real interview questions from top companies. Connect with him on Twitter: StrataScratch or LinkedIn.

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  • Gold BlogData science SQL interview questions from top tech firms - 05 Oct 2021
    As a data scientist, there is one thing you really need to understand and know how to handle: data. With SQL being a foundational technical approach for working with data, it should not be surprising that the top tech companies will ask about your SQL skills during an interview. Here, we cover the key concepts tested so you can best prepare for your next data science interview.
  • Working with Python APIs For Data Science Project - 10 Sep 2021
    In this article, we will work with YouTube Python API to collect video statistics from our channel using the requests python library to make an API call and save it as a Pandas DataFrame.
  • Data Science Project Infrastructure: How To Create It - 30 Aug 2021
    The intension for most data science projects is to build something that people use. Creating something purposeful requires a solid infrastructure and processes that keeps problem-solving front-and-center for your audience.
  • Rewards BlogGold BlogMost Common Data Science Interview Questions and Answers - 05 Aug 2021
    After analyzing 900+ data science interview questions from companies over the past few years, the most common data science interview question categories are reviewed in this guide, each explained with an example.
  • Top Python Data Science Interview Questions - 23 Jul 2021
    Six must-know technical concepts and two types of questions to test them.
  • How a Data Scientist Should Communicate with Stakeholders - 03 Jun 2021
    Effective and collaborative communication with stakeholders is a skill that can help you survive in your role as a Data Scientist at your organization. Learn how to master this interaction, and you will perform your job better, see improved outcomes from your projects, and grow in your capabilities and career.