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Nisha Arya is a Data Scientist and Freelance Technical Writer. She is particularly interested in providing Data Science career advice or tutorials and theory based knowledge around Data Science. She also wishes to explore the different ways Artificial Intelligence is/can benefit the longevity of human life. A keen learner, seeking to broaden her tech knowledge and writing skills, whilst helping guide others.

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  • The Most Popular Intro to Programming Course From Harvard is Free! - 23 Mar 2022
    CS50's Introduction to Computer Science has the highest enrollment on Harvard's campus... and is free to anyone interested in taking it!
  • Linear vs Logistic Regression: A Succinct Explanation - 21 Mar 2022
    Linear Regression and Logistic Regression are two well-used Machine Learning Algorithms that both branch off from Supervised Learning. Linear Regression is used to solve Regression problems whereas Logistic Regression is used to solve Classification problems. Read more here.
  • Best Data Science Books for Beginners - 16 Mar 2022
    The best knowledge is still placed in the libraries; within books. In this article, discover some of the top recommended Data Science books catering to beginners.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification - 14 Mar 2022
    In this article, we will be going through the algorithms that can be used for classification tasks.
  • Maximize Your Productivity as a Data Scientist by Organizing - 10 Mar 2022
    Read some tips on getting organized when it comes to working with data.
  • Data Science: Reality vs Expectations - 08 Mar 2022
    In the majority of companies, the executives in charge of data science and the decision-making process using data science, have little or no education or understanding in actual data science. Where does this leave you, the data scientist?
  • What is Adversarial Machine Learning? - 03 Mar 2022
    In the Cybersecurity sector Adversarial machine learning attempts to deceive and trick models by creating unique deceptive inputs, to confuse the model resulting in a malfunction in the model. 
  • Women in the World of Data - 02 Mar 2022
    When it comes to Data Science, many people affiliate the career path as being ‘nerdy’. An industry for men, smart men; pushing women further and further away from the career. What can be done about this, and why is it important?
  • The Challenges of Being a Data Scientist - 21 Feb 2022
    According to a Stack Overflow survey, 13.2% of the data scientists are looking for a new job, as they are not satisfied in their current role. So why is this happening? What are the challenges Data Scientists are facing?
  • Common Data Problems (and Solutions) - 15 Feb 2022
    Let’s have a look into some of the common problems with data and the solutions for them.