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Stannie Holt is a writer on the Analytics Product Marketing team at OpenText. She has over 20 years experience as a journalist, market research analyst, and content marketing expert in the fields of enterprise software, e-discovery, business intelligence, and analytics.

Stannie Holt Posts (7)

  • Wind and Weather – Open Text Data Digest - 15 Mar 2016
    It’s soothing to watch the wind flows cycle and clouds form and dissipate. Now an app called Windyty lets you navigate real-time and predictive views of the weather yourself, controlling the area, altitude, and variables such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, clouds, or precipitation.
  • OpenText Data Visualization – Red Carpet Edition - 04 Mar 2016
    In the this latest edition we present handsome variation on the bubble chart, plotting numbers of nominations against Oscars won, and how many films fall into each category.
  • Visualizing Unstructured Analysis – Elections, Words, and Zika virus - 15 Feb 2016
    Unstructured data has proven to be a big analytics challenge. This week in the Data Driven Digest, we’re serving up some ingenious visualizations of unstructured data and making it talk.
  • OpenText Data Digest, Jan 5: Life and Expectations - 08 Jan 2016
    New year has just begun and for the year ahead is a good opportunity to consider the passage of time, how much is left to each of us. We’re presenting some of the best visualizations of lifespans and life expectancy.
  • OpenText Data Digest, Dec 11: Holiday Lights - 16 Dec 2015
    Christmas and the New Year are approaching, so this week we’re sharing some data visualizations with connections to holiday celebrations.
  • OpenText Data Digest Dec 4: Data Is Beautiful - 09 Dec 2015
    This week we look at the 2015 winners of the “Information Is Beautiful” Awards, including Red vs Blue politics, a World of languages, and Working for a living.
  • OpenText Data Digest Nov 27: Data Mapping Music - 04 Dec 2015
    For this week, we present some examples of how to display music visually, which may get you thinking of other creative ways to visualize data and bring patterns to the surface.