Introducing DataCamps AI-Powered Chat Interface: DataLab

An AI-powered insights platform to go from data to insight!

DataCamp DataLab
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With the rise of Generative AI, more and more people have found new ways and methods to make their data analytics process easier and easier. A lot of people have turned to using ChatGPT to answer their data questions, but now there’s Data Lab - DataCamps AI-Powered Chat Interface.

A simpler way to answer your data questions without having to ask your analyst team.


What is DataLab?

Link: Try Out DataLab!

If you have used the DataCamp platform before, you would have come across their ‘Workspace’ platform. This has now become DataLab.

DataLab is an AI-powered chat interface specifically tailored for data analytics. There are not many steps involved for you to get your answer. All you have to do is attach your data source, ask a question, and iterate it to get the insights you need.

DataCamp DataLab
DataCamp DataLab

Key features include:

  • Powered by code: Trust the insights you’re uncovering by seamlessly switching to a fully featured notebook with all of the generated code.
  • Easy data access: Connect all of your data sources, regardless of where they live.
  • Built-in reporting: Accumulate a live-updating report as you retrieve your findings.

DataCamp DataLab
DataCamp DataLab Features

Want to try it out?

You can use DataLab for free. This includes three workbooks, and 20 AI Assistant prompts on basic hardware. All you need is a DataCamp account.

If you have been using Workspace on the DataCamp platform and are worried about where your work will go. Don’t worry, all your workbooks will stay available and continue to function. Users on the existing Workspace Premium subscription get access to DataLab Premium, which includes unlimited workbooks, unlimited AI Assistant prompts, powerful hardware, and more.


Wrapping Up

We can see how the world of Generative AI is being integrated into different platforms providing more catered solutions. Try out the DataLab workspace and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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