Statistics Software

commercial | free
  • Analyse-it!, accurate low-cost statistical software for Microsoft Excel.
  • Appricon's Analysis Studio, a statistical analysis and modeling software with advanced logistic regression modeling, regression modeling and many more features (Windows).
  • Data Desk, interactive tools for data analysis and display based on the concepts and philosophy of Exploratory Data Analysis
  • DM STATWARE Statistical Software for the Direct Marketing Industry.
  • dotplot, a cloud-based modeling solution for data analysis and statistical computation, with a visual editor to create data analysis models, and over 1000 functions for all tasks of data analysis.
  • Intellectus Statistics, teaching and learning statistical data analysis tool to generate data-interpreted narrative, tabular, and graphical real-time reports.
  • JMP, SAS standalone discovery tool for Windows and Macintosh
  • Lumenaut, statistical and decision analysis tree add-in for Excel
  • MATLAB, an integrated computing environment combining numeric computation, advanced visualization, and a high-level programming language.
  • MODSTAT, very cheap DOS-based program
  • Palisade @RISK, risk analysis software using Monte Carlo simulation for Excel.
  • PermuteIt(TM) from DataMineIt(SM), a comprehensive SAS Macro that conducts Fast and Powerful Permutation Tests.
  • ProMV multivariate statistical analysis and visualization software, build multivariate models of your process to identify the key variables that are contributing towards poor product quality.
  • R-PLUS Professional, statistical analysis, model building, and open source products and services for customized analytics.
  • SAS, modular, integrated, hardware-independent system of software for enterprise-wide information delivery.
  • Simstat for Windows, offers statistical features, scripting language, and interactive tutorials.
  • IBM SPSS, the cornerstone of SPSS system, the most popular statistics, multidimensional pivot tables and charts.
  • SPSS Macros, Scripts and other add-ons from Raynald Levesque.
  • StarProbe, cross-platform, very fast on big data, star schema support, special tools & features for data with rich categorical dimensional information.
  • Stata, complete, integrated statistical package for data analysis and statistical software.
  • StatCrunch, offering a large selection of statistical and analytical tools via the web.
  • StatEL, Statistical analysis add-in for Excel for common statistical testing, medical statistical testing and factor analysis, with extensive help for non-professional statisticians.
  • STATISTICA, a comprehensive, integrated statistical data analysis, graphics, data base management, and custom application development system.
  • Statit Software, offers dynamic statistical quality improvement strategies.
  • Symynet Educational Statistics Software . Interactive computer courseware for research design, quantitative methods, probability & statistics.
  • TIBCO Spotfire S-PLUS, a language and tool for data analysis, data mining, statistical modeling, and visualization.
  • Vitalnet, for analyzing health data sets.
  • WINKS SDA Statistical Data Analysis and Graphs, a low-cost general purpose statistical software program designed for scientific and medical research and for statistical instruction.
  • Wizard, an easy-to-use visualization and statistics package for Mac OS X.
  • XLSTAT, over 200 data analysis and statistical functions for Microsoft Excel.