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Health and Human Resources Solutions

  • AHC Profiler, a pre-employment screening system, helps employers locate applicants most like their proven successful employees
  • Austin Provider Solution, healthcare and managed care business intelligence solutions, including DSS for Hedis. Austin, TX, USA.
  • BBN Healthcare Analytics and Data Mining for identifying fraud and abuse, correlating genomic, clinical, demographic and other data, and other services.
  • D2Hawkeye provides data mining and analysis software and consultative medical services to the self-insured health care market and large physician groups.
  • newEnkata provides employee performance optimization solutions that give insights into patterns of behavior that limit productivity or lower quality.
  • eQuest Advantage Network™, syncs On-Demand Job Board Performance Delivery Assessment with Search Engine Indexing and Big Data.
  • FlipDog, uses WhizBang! Labs web crawler to gather jobs directly from employer web sites
  • Hodes iQ Talent Scout, uses powerful data mining techniques to let you paste a sample resume or job description into the search box and matches it to similar resumes that you already have.
  • MEDai, a leader in the field of predictive analytics and clinical outcomes analysis.
  • Myne Health, a Boston-based healthcare technology startup for health-related modeling and management
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers integrated database marketing solution for the managed care industry
  • Sinapse Analytical Solutions, allows healthcare professionals to better predict and detect, immediately upon admission, the probability of a patient contracting a nosocomial infection during the hospital stay.
  • SmartCare®, a combined Business Intelligence and advanced analytical software system, designed as an enterprise-wide data analysis platform, combining a data warehouse with data mining, ad hoc query, report writer, statistical analysis, and 3-D graphics applications.
  • Vacancy Matching System, environment for matching and data mining in large vacancy/applicant databases (up to 100k vacancies).