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Real-Time Decisioning Solutions

  • Angoss KnowledgeSERVER® provides risk management organizations with the ability to deploy predictive models, scores and rules into their production environments.
  • Island Data - Insight RT™, a full-featured application that collects, classifies and takes real-time action on textual customer feedback and other unstructured data.
  • Remsoft, software for making optimization decisions that meet critical objectives, and facilitate tradeoff and scenario analysis across asset classes.
  • RiverGlass, develops real-time analytics software that merges multiple data streams from disparate sources and applies powerful data mining and modeling techniques.
  • SeeWhy, real time BI platform continuously monitors your operational metrics to alert you to exceptions from normal, and initiates automated business processes to correct problems and capitalize on opportunities, automatically, and in real time.
  • ThinkAnalytics Intelligent Enterprise Server (formerly K.Wiz), delivering real-time predictive analytics on multiple channels with automated model building and comparison of models to allow the most accurate model to be chosen.
  • STATISTICA Enterprise-wide SPC System
  • Viscovery One(2)One Engine, real-time integration of decision models created with Viscovery in operational environments.
  • Xeligence Predictive Modelling, enable the business user to easily create and rapidly deploy predictive models in real time, within hours, without the specialist need of a statistician.
  • Zementis ADAPA(r), a decision engine for deployment, integration, and real-time execution of Predictive Analytics, with PMML, SOA, and support of complex predictive models, including neural networks, and SVM.
  • Zoomdata, offering Real Time Analytics, stream processing engine, interactive D3 visualizations, advanced, no-ETL architecture and an easy and powerful Interface.

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