Develve statistical software, free for non-commercial use

Check out Develve 2.0, a six-sigma tool, the new version featuring new utilities for measure system analysis and the design of sophisticated experiments.

By Frank Pauw, Develve, Oct 2014.

Develve Statistical software Develve 2.00 is out and with the new function Gauge R&R, for measurement system analysis. And is becoming a full featured Six Sigma tool.

Develve statistical software screen shot

Between version 1.00 and 2.00 various function are added to make the tool more complete.
For instance:

  • Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • Multiple linear Regression
  • Multiple Correlation
  • Sample size calculation one way Anova

The aim of Develve is to make a easy tool suitable for less experience users but advanced enough for more demanding users. When applying a statistical test Develve tries to look if all the boundaries are met. For instance when applying a t-test Develve also checks the sample size and the shape of the distribution.

Beside The new Gauge R&R mode Develve is having two other modes. Switching between these modes changes the layout to fit characteristics of the statistical mode.

Basic statistics: If there is a difference or relation between datasets,  shape of a dataset and if it is within specification limits.

Design of Experiments: DOE test setup with more factors on different levels in a balanced matrix. To analyzing complex problems with a more of influence factors in once. When editing a DOE matrix the program checks if it is in balance. Develve is free for non commercial use!

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