Most Popular Slideshare Presentations on Big Data

Hadoop, the cloud, and Microsoft Azure are just a few of the many topics covered by the top Big Data SlideShare presentations retrieved from the SlideShare API.

By Grant Marshall, Nov 2014.

SlideShare is a platform for uploading, annotating, sharing, and commenting on slide-based presentations. The platform has been around for some time, and has accumulated a great wealth of presentations on technical topics like Big Data.

Big Data SlideShare tags

Figure 1: SlideShare Big Data Tag Cloud

This visualization of the tags associated with the tag “big data” on SlideShare shows how integral Hadoop is and the rising importance of the cloud for big data.

Today, we will look at some of these top Big Data presentations found on SlideShare. Similar to how we collected data for the previous article, these presentations were retrieved by using a Python script and the Slideshare search_slideshow API, and then hand-curated to select the best, most relevant presentations. The slideshows and their associated metrics are shown below:

Title Username Date Views Downloads Favorites
Building a Business on Hadoop, HBase, and Open Source Distributed Computing lusciouspear 7/28/09 22901 1770 78
Innovation at Google: the physics of data [PARC Forum] PARCInc 5/4/10 20550 0 34
Large-Scale Data Processing With Hadoop and PHP (PHPBNL2012 2012-01-27) Wombert 1/27/12 15284 187 9
Data Visualization Techniques AllAnalytics 4/17/13 7805 79 1
Effective Dashboard Design: Why Your Baby Is Ugly (Big Design Conference 2010) hursman 6/1/10 5989 205 11
Emergent Distributed Data Storage woorung 1/29/10 5359 185 7
BigData & CDN - OOP2011 (Pavlo Baron) pavlobaron 2/13/11 4509 0 7
Experiences Evolving a New Analytical Platform: What Works and What’s Missing cloudera 6/12/10 4150 128 7
Big Data Overview IMEXresearch 11/2/11 4180 247 5
Patterns of Big Social Data ssood 2/21/12 3706 66 1
Big Data Resolutions 2014 FICO 1/20/14 3266 22 0
Using hadoop to expand data warehousing Hadoop_Summit 6/19/12 3140 0 4
Big Data parycek 4/11/13 2924 204 2
How to Become a Big Data Superhero capgemini 7/8/14 3546 66 5
Big Data Analytics in Energy & Utilities AndersQuitzauIbm 6/5/14 2519 234 8
BigDataCloud Sept 8 2011 meetup - Big Data Analytics at Play (Social Gaming) by Tim Piatenko BigDataCloud 9/12/11 1912 38 0
Data Day Texas 2013 knowfrominfo 4/4/13 1868 0 9
Microsoft SQL Azure - Cloud Based Database Datasheet msitpro 8/16/10 1547 9 0
“Big Picture”: Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics of Big Data (VINCI 2013 Keynote) MichelleZhou1 8/21/13 1915 77 0
Microsoft SQL Azure - Scaling Out with SQL Azure Whitepaper msitpro 8/16/10 1509 19 0
Turning Big Data to Business Advantage AsterData 1/25/13 1665 44 0
Big data Summit pnilan 4/17/12 1401 0 4
Big Data Decision-Making AsterData 1/25/13 1536 26 0

Looking at the data quickly, we have averages of about 5300 views, 200 downloads, and 8 favorites. Keep in mind, this is with the presentations with downloads disabled being filtered out. This is impressive – compared to the data science figures of 20000 views and 165 downloads, there are many more downloads/view on these big data slideshows. Building a Business on Hadoop, HBase, and Open Source Distributed Computing, a very comprehensive presentation on Visible Technology’s big data stack, alone accounts for 1770 downloads.

Looking at the authors in this table, we see that there are exactly two users with more than one presentation in this list: msitpro and AsterData. The presentations by msitpro cover the big data use cases of Microsoft Azure. AsterData, on the other hand, covers topics involving the use of big data in business decisions.

Big Data views/week versus publication date

Figure 2: Big Data Presentation Views/Week vs. Publication Date

This chart shows the number of views/week presentations received against their publication date. This shows that recent publications and older publications receive similar traffic over time, and over time there are particular presentations that receive exceptionally large numbers of views across the entire time range. One other interesting property of the top big data presentations is that they are no older than 2009, even though SlideShare has been around since its inception in 2006.