Data Science Humor: Google Analytics, if Applied in Real Life

From the lighter side: how Google Analytics would look if applied in real life situations.

By Andrii, Happy Data Scientist.

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports web site traffic. It currently in use on around 55% of the 10,000 most popular websites.

The developers consider that "your potential customers should be able to find what they need on the digital shelf as easily as in real life". But how Google Analytics in Real Life looks like? Ask about it Google! And you get three humorous videos from Google Analytics Team that highlight how some missteps in the online shopping experience would look if they actually played out in real life.

Google Analytics Misstep #1: Site Search

What is the roadblock between finding semi-skimmed milk and milk skim-semi?

Real life site search

Check out this Video and learn what your visitors want so you can improve your website to better meet those needs.

Google Analytics Misstep #2: Landing Page Optimization

Are you distracting your customers, and deterring them from buying what they really want on your site ?

Real life landing page optimization

Check out this Video and learn more on ways to improve the performance of your landing pages. Don't forget find out where your customers are being led astray.

Google Analytics Misstep #3: Online Checkout

Shopping online is meant to be easy. Website owners should strive to make their site as easy-to-use as possible for your customers.

Real life online checkout

Check out this Video and find out where your customers are "checking out" with Google Analytics. Don't forget to play with Google Analytics Goal Flow Visualization to identify better performing pages.

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