Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow

Maptive gives us another list of top Big Data Influencers to check out, including data-driven reasons as to why individuals are included.

Geo-data company Maptive has recently published a post titled "A Data-Backed Approach: The Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow in 2016." The post consists of a top influencer list that is both exhaustive and informative. Each influencer listed comes with basic professional biographical information, a computed score (the higher the better), and some of their best articles, videos, and other resources. Somewhat oddly (especially given that the list originates from a data-centric organization and is about data influencers), the formula for computing the "score" is not revealed, which is a little troubling. However, as with all data samples, including lists like these, the more the better, and so with or without an explanation of the score we can still gain insight from this particular instance.

While I encourage you to look over the particulars of the list linked above for some further detail, we have compiled a summarized table of the top influencers for your convenience. For interest's sake, we have also added the number of Twitter followers each influencers has. While Maptive's entire list holds 100 names, as stated above, we have only included the top 50 in our compilation below.

Top 12 Data Influencers

Without further ado, here is the countdown:

1Nate SilverNateSilver5381328K81
2Simon Portersimonlporter66K80.5
3Vala AfsharValaAfshar101K78.5
4Kirk Bornekirkdborne58K74
5Timothy HughesTimothy_Hughes134K73.6
6Vincent Granvilleanalyticbridge128K73.5
7Randy Olsonrandal_olson80K73
8Hans RoslingHansRosling296K72.05
9Ronald van LoonRonald_vanLoon29K71.5
10Gregory Piatetskykdnuggets48K70.35
11Hilary Masonhmason68K70
12Andrew Ngandrewng48K69.5
13Dez Blanchfielddez_blanchfield77K68.7
14Bob E. Hayesbobehayes5K68.65
15Evan SinarEvanSinar29K68.6
16Mike Briercliffemikejulietbravo54K68.5
17Hadley Wickhamhadleywickham23K68
18R Ray Wangrwang080K67.6
19Jeremy Waitejeremywaite93K67.5
20Bernard MarrBernardMarr86K66.5
21Yves MulkersYvesMulkers21K66.15
22Diego KuonenDiegoKuonen5K65.9
23Tristan BishopKnowledgeBishop56K65.8
24Holger Muellerholgermu17K65.7
25Louis ColumbusLouisColumbus21K65.5
26Matt Asaymjasay16K65.45
27John Burn-Murdochjburnmurdoch7K65.3
28Emilio Ferrarajabawack31K65.2
29Carla Gentrydata_nerd27K65.1
30John Furrierfurrier20K65
31Theo PriestleyITreduc8K64.96
32Michael Wumich8elwu11K64.85
33Peter Skomorochpeteskomoroch28K64.65
34Doug LaneyDoug_Laney37K64.55
35Mathias GolombekEXAGolo28K64.45
36Ajit JaokarAjitJaokar7K64
37DJ PatilDJ4418K63.9
38Cameron Marlowcameronmarlow4K63.85
39Edd Dumbilledd10K63.7
40Timo Elliotttimoelliott18K63.6
41Alistair Crollacroll20K63.5
42Merv Adrianmerv23K63
43Scott Brinkerchiefmartec22K62.9
44Gil PressGilPress9K62.85
45Joe BurridgeJoeFindsTalent51K62.75
46Ben LoricaBigData30K62.65
47Jen Underwoodidigdata6K62.45
48Lisa-Christina Winterlisachwinter10K62
49Eric Debrayericdebray4K61.9
50Andy Cotgreaveacotgreave6K61.75