Free ebooks: Machine Learning with Python and Practical Data Analysis

Two free ebooks: "Building Machine Learning Systems with Python" and "Practical Data Analysis" will give your skills a boost and make a great start in the New Year.

Packt Building Machine Learning Python
This December our friends at Packt have something we think you’ll love. Quite simply, it’s two free eBooks – both of which will help you to give your skills a boost and start your New Year’s resolutions to learn something new a great head start.

In Building Machine Learning Systems with Python you’ll learn everything you need to apply Python to a range of analytical problems. And at 290 pages, this isn’t just a quick introduction – it’s a comprehensive and practical free Python eBook that might just prove invaluable to your data science skillset.

As if one free eBook wasn’t enough, Packt also has another free eBook available.

With Packt Practical Data AnalysisPractical Data Analysis, you’ll get straight into the real-world practice of data analysis. All you’ll need are some basic programming and numerical skills; this 360 page guide will then help you as you transform data from a diverse range of sources into valuable insights. At a time when data-driven thinking has never been so important, this is the perfect opportunity to hone your analytical techniques and sharpen your mind!

All you need to do to claim your free eBooks is sign up to Packt with an email address and password and click the download link on the page. The eBook will immediately be added to your account; you can then download it as a PDF.

To claim both eBooks, download one, and then sign in with the account you created to claim the other!

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Click here to download Building Machine Learning Systems with Python for free now!

Click here to download Practical Data Analysis with Python for free now!