Platinum Blog30 Essential Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Cheat Sheets

This collection of data science cheat sheets is not a cheat sheet dump, but a curated list of reference materials spanning a number of disciplines and tools.

Nothing takes the place of meaningful and substantive study, but these cheat sheets (that's really not a great term for them) are a handy reference in a pinch or for reinforcing particular ideas. All images link back to the cheat sheets in their original locations.

What you will find in here:

  • Page 1 - Python Data Science Cheat Sheets
  • Page 2 - R Data Science Cheat Sheets
  • Page 3 - Probability, Algebra, Maths & SQL & Deep Learning Cheat Sheets


Python Data Science Stack


Python for Data Science Cheat Sheet
Python for Data Science (via DataCamp)

Pandas Basics
Pandas Basics (via DataCamp)

Pandas (via DataCamp)

Numpy (via DataCamp)

SciPy (via DataCamp)

Scikit-learn (via DataCamp)

Matplotlib (via DataCamp)

Bokeh (via DataCamp)