The new Enigma Public – the platform connecting people to data

Public data has tremendous potential and different people can use it to solve variety of problems. Enigma relaunches Enigma Public — the platform connecting people to data.

By Enigma.

We’re beyond excited to announce today the relaunch of Enigma Public — the platform connecting people to data. Enigma Public breaks down the barriers to data access and usability to make the information created by and for the people discoverable by the people. In a time when grounding observations in truth is more important than ever, our goal is connect you with the facts and figures that make up the world around you.

With Enigma Public you can search, browse, and discover in the broadest collection of public data.  With our new dataset guides you can dive deeper into the essential datasets or tap into some of our under the radar data to spark a new project idea. Find something you want to further explore? Export the data as a csv, access the data via our API or save the dataset to your account in a personal collection. Did we mention this data is free for non-commercial use under Creative Commons licensing?

For those of you already familiar with Enigma Public, here’s what you’ll find with the new and improved platform: we’re making public data even easier to put to use.

More accessible than ever

Enigma Public aims to put public data in the hands of people everywhere. We do the heavy lifting — filing the Freedom of Information Act request, receiving data on CD, researching the context of a dataset — so that the data is in one easy to search place. The new platform does not require login credentials to browse or search. This will make it easier to pass on a dataset to a friend, link directly to information, or cite projects you’ve built with our data.

Spotlight on interesting data

The new homepage features guides highlighting new, timely, unusual, and essential datasets in Enigma Public. Whether you’re new to public data or a briefed veteran, you’ll find guidance on working with key datasets plus quick descriptions of datasets you’ve (probably) never heard of or explored. Check back with Enigma Public frequently as we update the guides (and data) to reflect the world around us.

Keep favorites close at hand

Found a search result that surprised you? Want your frequently used datasets handy? With the new personal collections feature you can save and categorize all your favorite datasets. Just log-in to get started.

Ready to dive in?

Jump to Enigma Public and take it for a spin. Start exploring our collections of data on flights that nearly collided midairMedicare drug spending, or all the lobbyists currently petitioning Congress.

Know of a dataset that should be in Enigma Public? Found an issue with a dataset we do have? Built something with data you found in Enigma Public? Let us know. All tips, feedback, and other ideas welcome.

Finally, if you’re a fellow fan of public data, subscribe to Between Two Rows, Enigma Public’s newsletter.

Each monthly issue will feature the latest and greatest in data, highlighting new and unique public datasets as well as a host of our favorite projects (from across the data community) built off that data.

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