Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics in US/Canada

Second comprehensive list of master's degrees in the US and Canada with tuition information and duration.

Selecting the right master's degree today is not an easy task. For Big Data and Analytics, there are plenty of options to choose from different sources like Coursera, Udemy, and many others. However, some might be looking for a on-campus program from a recognized institution. Others may be more inclined towards a more affordable higher education option. In this post, we have summarized a list of programs from recognized public and private institutions, with different ranges of costs, and a wide variety of curriculums.

To continue our comprehensive study and research for graduate degrees in Data Science and Analytics, we have gathered in this post an unbiased list of programs within the US and Canada. The ranking and order of the entries follow the same logic as the previous post Best Online Masters in Data Science and Analytics . Note that some ranking are 75 or 125, etc. This means that the program is between 51-100 in the Computer Science Ranking; 125 is equivalent to the range 101-150, and so on.

The costs are limited to tuition and most of them do not include living expenses like transportation and housing. The tuition currency listed corresponds to that location's currency (US: USD, Canada: CAD).

For this list, we have not included purely online degrees and we have focused mostly on face-to-face programs, although, some of these do offer online as well as hybrid options.

We have made a strong effort to include programs for all budgets, interests, locations, and curriculum. Feel free to share any additional program you think might improve the diversity of this compilation.

This map shows the location of degree institutions in US/Canada.

Ms Analytics Data Science Us Canada 685

Fig. 1: US/Canada MS Degrees in Data Science, Analytics

  1. MIT's Master of Business Analytics. The program is tailored for current students or recent college graduates who plan to pursue a career in the data science industry, as well as those seeking career advancement or change, especially engineers, mathematicians, physicists, computer programmers, and other high-tech professionals. (12-month program, 57,350 USD for the entire program's tuition, CS Rank: 1)
  2. Stanford's MS in Statistics: Data Science. The Data Science track develops strong mathematical, statistical, computational and programming skills through the general master's core and programming requirements, in addition to providing fundamental data science education through general and focused electives requirement from courses in data sciences and related areas. (24-month program, $32,658 per year, CS Rank: 2)
  3. Carnegie Mellon's Master of Computational Data Science. This program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to develop the layers of technology involved in the next generation of massive information system deployments and analyze the data those systems generate. (16-month program, $75,484 entire program, CS Rank: 3)
  4. Harvard's Master of Science in Data Science. The program will offer strong preparation in statistical modeling, machine learning, optimization, management and analysis of massive data sets, and data acquisition.  The program will also focus on topics such as reproducible data analysis, collaborative problem solving, visualization and communication, and security and ethical issues that arise in data science. (18-month program, $44,816 full tuition, CS Rank: 6)
  5. U. of Toronto's Master of Science in Applied Computing (Data Science Concentration) is offered jointly by Depts of CS and Statistical Sciences and teaches Data science at the interface between computer science and statistics. (24-month program, $11,320 citizens, $27,590 International, per year, CS Rank: 10)
  6. University of Washington's Master of Science in Data Science. This master's program gives you the technical skills to extract knowledge from large, noisy, and heterogeneous datasets — big data — to provide insights that people and organizations can use. In this program, you'll build deep expertise in managing, modeling and visualizing big data to meet the growing needs of industry, government, nonprofit and research organizations today. (17.5-month program, $46,125 full tuition, CS Rank: 16)
  7. University of British Columbia's Master of Data Science. A professional program developed by the combined expertise of the UBC departments of Computer Science and Statistics to help meet this need and give students a fast track to a great career. Utilizing descriptive and prescriptive techniques, students extract and analyze data from both unstructured and structured forms and then communicate the findings of those analyses in ways to enable organizations to make informed decisions based on data. (10-month program, $24,033 Residents; $32,675 International, CS Rank: 23)
  8. The University of Texas at Austin's Master of Science in Business Analytics.  A 10-month program that will show you how to harness vast amounts of data and use it to build better business. (10-month program, $43,000 In-state, $48,000 Out-of-state for full program, CS Rank: 26)
  9. Georgia Tech's MS in Analytics. An interdisciplinary degree program that leverages the strengths of Georgia Tech in statistics, operations research, computing, and business by combining the world-class expertise of the Scheller College of Business, the College of Computing, and the College of Engineering. By blending the strengths of these nationally ranked programs, graduates will learn to integrate skills in a unique and interdisciplinary way that yields deep insights into analytics problems. (24-month program, online option available, $43,416 In-state, $59,940 Out-of-state, $9,900 Online, CS Rank: 28)
  10. Columbia University's Master of Science in Data Science. This program allows students to apply data science techniques to their field of interest, building on four foundational courses. Our students have the opportunity to conduct original research, included in a capstone project, and interact with our industry partners and faculty. (18-month program, $58,080 full tuition, CS Rank: 29)
  11. University of Waterloo's Master of Mathematics (Statistics or Computer Science). These are two different degrees, however both offer a Data Science Specialization. In these programs you will study the application and development of methods that facilitate insight from available data in order to understand, predict, and improve business strategy, products and services, marketing campaigns, medicine, public health and safety, as well as numerous other pursuits. (18 to 24-month program, $11,466 Canadian residents, $30,666 International, full tuition, CS Rank: 31)
  12. New York University's Master of Science in Data Science. This is a highly-selective program for students with a strong background in mathematics, computer science, and applied statistics. The degree focuses on the development of new methods for data science. The curriculum offers two ways to structure the graduate program that gives students the opportunity to pursue a specialization through tracks. (24-month program, $62,028 full tuition, CS Rank: 32)
  13. University of Pennsylvania's MS in Engineering in Data Science. The Data Science degree program can be completed in one to two years. It blends leading-edge courses in core topics such as machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics, with a variety of electives and an opportunity to apply these techniques in a domain specialization – a depth area – of choice. (12 or 24-month program, $67,660 full tuition, CS Rank: 39)
  14. UC San Diego Master of Advanced Study Degree in Data Science and Engineering. In this program, engineering professionals combine the skills of software programmer, database manager, and statistician to create mathematical models of the data, identify trends/deviations, then present them in effective visual ways that can be understood by others. (24-month program, $39,100 full tuition, CS Rank: 44)
  15. University of Maryland at College Park's MS in Business Analytics. This program delves into understanding Big Data and using it to the advantage of your business. One of the best programs in the Washington, D.C., area, the MSBA covers cyber security, information systems, supply chain and transportation, social media and web analytics, forecasting, and quantitative analysis, among other topics. (16-month program $49,042 In-state, $62,422 Out-of-state for full tuition, CS Rank: 47)
  16. University of South California's MS in Computer Science (Data Science). This program provides students with a core background in Computer Science and specialized algorithmic, statistical, and systems expertise in acquiring, storing, accessing, analyzing and visualizing large, heterogeneous and real-time data associated with diverse real-world domains including energy, the environment, health, media, medicine, and transportation. It is offered both on-site and online. (24-month program, $55,886 In-state, $63,634 Out-of-state, $61,984 online for full tuition, CS Rank: 50)
  17. Johns Hopkins University's MS in Data Science. The rigorous curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics, while incorporating real-world examples. With options to study online and on-site in state-of-the-art facilities at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, students learn from practicing engineers and data scientists. Graduates are prepared to succeed in specialized jobs involving everything from the data pipeline and storage, to statistical analysis and eliciting the story the data tells. (17.5-month program, $52,170 full tuition, CS Rank: 75)
  18. University of Wisconsin-Madison's MS in Statistics-Data Science. Leveraging the power of statistical thinking will prepare to you to put data into context and communicate its meaning to others. You will build analytical, reasoning, and communication skills in realistic strategic planning sessions. As a result, the MS-DS will provide you with strong skills in working in teams of professionals and business leaders and in leading discussions grounded in data reasoning. (12 or 24-month program, $23,820 In-state, $48,810 Out-of-state full tuition, CS Rank: 75)
  19. Boston University Metropolitan College's MS in Applied Business Analytics. This program provides comprehensive coverage of the state-of-the-art concepts, techniques, and tools used in the process of data-driven business decision-making. Whether studying online, on campus, or both, students gain hands-on experience with a variety of analytical models and decision-support tools, and to apply them to interlinked data-inputs and large data sets in the areas of marketing, operations, product and technology innovations, financial services, and others. (18 or 24-month program, $25,490 per semester, CS Rank: 75)