Platinum Blog10 Best Mobile Apps for Data Scientist / Data Analysts

A collection of useful mobile applications that will help enhance your vital data science and analytic skills. These free apps can improve your listening abilities, logical skills, basic leadership qualities and more.

By Premjith Purushothaman

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Data science and machine learning are evolving with their abilities to transform the world around you. You don’t need carry your laptop or PC 24/7 with you to excel in your workplace. It is time to take a break from daily routines and adopt to quicker learning strategies. The solution is simple, just switch to Mobile Apps.

Did you know you can run Python in your Smartphone?

Yeah! Mobile applications have had their own share and added immense excitement to our methods for learning. The subjects which were hard to understand, are currently taught utilizing pictures and stories in your mobile or tablet. You can retrieve them anyplace, even if you are travelling or not.

In this blog, we have shared some valuable apps which can enhance your vital data science and analytics skills. These applications can enhance your listening abilities, logical skills, basic leadership qualities etc., which tends to be more powerful than our expectation.

We have assembled these mobile applications in various categories, we all are aware of our weaknesses, so this blog would assist you with targeting the sweet spots. These android applications are available for free at google play store.

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  1. Elevate (Downloads – 1 million)

Elevate is a customized brain training program intended to enhance your intellectual skills. Your brain training course consist of 3 practices per day. The activities are chosen based on the previous performance. If you are weak in certain perspective, you can expect those activities more often. This app has different training programs however aren’t available in FREE version. Altogether, it succeeds in providing exhilarating knowledge.

  1. Lumosity (Downloads – 10 million)

Lumosity is a customized brain training program and also supports games. These games are more than enough to challenge your core reasoning. This application will assist you with improvements in reading, writing, mathematical and logical abilities. The customized training programs are extremely fascinating and addictive. Everyday you get 3 exercises for brain training. More exercise are also available, which can be made available with a payment.

  1. Neuronation (Downloads – 5 million)

Neurontin is a healthcare app to improve brain activity. This can assist in improving memory, intelligence and logical thinking. It contains different set of activities and have designed approximately 60 programs. It likewise permits you challenge your companions and monitor your performance weekly. If you genuinely use these applications on a regular basis, it can change your life.

  1. Math Workout (Downloads – 5 million)

Want to be good with numbers? This application would assist you with that. This app will help in different phases of life. To put it plainly, you should build up your psychological math skills. Prepare your mind with the end goal to do numerical calculation on fingertips. This is an amateur level application. It has fascinating activities to help you obtain numerical instinct.

  1. QPython (Downloads – 500k)

QPython helps you to run python on your phone. It helps your android devices to run python contents and tasks. It is best compatible on python 2.7 and is a highly rated app. It comprises of Python interceptor, editor and the SL4A Library for Android. It additionally incorporates valuable python libraries. It can also execute python code and documents from QR codes.

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  1. Learn Python (Downloads – 10k)

You no longer require your machines to learn Python. Here's a python tutorial for your android phone. This tutorial covers the basics in python, data types, control structures modules etc. For an improved learning knowledge, this instructional exercise also includes true false, jumbled puzzles and question-answers. It's an incredible starting point for people inspired by python.

  1. R Programming (Downloads – 10k)

Just like Python, you can learn R too on your Android powered device. This application acquaints you with fundamentals of R Programming. Consider it as a smaller version of twirl in R. This app is best suited for amateurs. It comprises of Vectors, Functions, Matrices, Factors, Data Frames, Lists etc...

  1. Basic Statistics (Downloads – 50k)

This app is for freshers in data science/analytics. Think of this application as a boost on different statistical measures such as graphs and frequency distribution, data description, hypothesis testing and many more. If you are getting ready to take an exam, this can be a perfect guide for you.

  1. Probability Distributions (Downloads – 50k)

After acquiring fundamentals of statistics, this application would be the next best step to take. This application enables you to face sophisticated functions in your android gadgets. You should be familiar with probability distribution like binomials.

  1. Udacity (Downloads – 1 million)

Udacity app offers an extensive variety of courses. Since, it is a mobile app, you can take the courses in mobile devices. There is no difference on their website or mobile app. The application UI is decent and simple to use.


It may be hard to download all 10 applications onto your android device. With the boom in mobile app development sector, more apps are launched every day to satisfy the users. To reap the benefits from these applications, you should try and set aside some time each day to spend on training exercises.

Bio: Premjith Purushothaman is a former mobile app developer now focusing on Digital Marketing. He wants to work with people that have the same interest, the same motivation. He always digs for intuitive knowledge with a technological insight.