Five Lines of Code

If you want to learn simple and practical rules for coding and refactoring, "Five Lines of Code" from Manning is the guide for you, teaching you concrete principles for refactoring. Save 40% with code nlfive40 until July 24.

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There’s a rule among fiction writers: the first draft always sucks. It’s in your second, third, or even fourth redraft that you’ll write the Great American Novel. The same principle can be applied to writing code! Rather than spending all your time trying to get it perfect on the first try, you’ll find it’s often quicker to hammer out bad code and then improve it. Whatever your architecture, choice of OO language, or skill as a programmer, you’ll find that proper refactoring makes your code simpler, more readable, and less prone to bugs.

If you want to learn simple and practical rules for better refactoring practices, Five Lines of Code is the guide for you. Written by Agile coach Christian Clausen, it’s published by Manning Publications—so you know its quality is assured. Rather than complex “code smells” or other techniques you can only learn from years as a developer, it teaches you concrete principles for refactoring that anyone can learn regardless of their experience level.

There’s no jargon or tricky automated-testing skills required, just easy guidelines and patterns illustrated by detailed code samples. Chapter by chapter you’ll put techniques into action by refactoring a complete 2D puzzle game and before you know it, you’ll be making serious and tangible improvements to your codebase.

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