Data science certification – why it is important and where to get it?

Data science jobs are one of most sought after and in-demand jobs in the IT industry right now. In order to get into this field and get these data science jobs, certification is needed and that is widely discussed below.

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The simplest definition of data science is the collection of meaningful insights from the raw data sets. Data science is a field that facilitates several skills and various subjects such as computer programming, statistics, data visualisation, machine learning and modeling, and many others. So, it is quite simple that data science jobs are one of most sought after and in-demand jobs in the IT industry right now. In order to get into this field and get these data science jobs, certification is needed and that is widely discussed below.


Why is Data Science certification important?

Companies work with huge amount of data and definitely have to rely on data science professionals who can make out what makes sense from the information that the business has collected. So, if a person wants to get into this profitable industry and has a knack towards data science technology or is hoping to see oneself in a better position than the rest in the competition, then data science certification is the key. 

Data science certification is a great way to have an edge because it helps you in learning new skills and thus give you a better opportunity in the desired industry. Also, data science certification is a great way to know what skills you possess because in that way recruiters will know what they are hiring you for or which particular qualities that you have that will be essential for which area of the job or to be more precise to have an idea of what they are getting by hiring you. Whether you are interested in to learn data science from a good and reputed university or a training institute, whether you want to gain experience in this field to have a good data science career or are just looking for learning new skills and increase your knowledge in this field of data science technology, a data science certification is the right option to go for. 

It is clear from the above mentioned information that a data science career is extremely promising and in order for you to have that career, a data science certification is very much needed since that qualifies you as a skilled and experienced candidate for data science jobs. There are many training institutions that provide data science certification and we are about to know some of them. 


Top Training Institutions that provide Data Science Certification

A data science career not only requires analytical and statistical skills but also soft skills at the same time. Data scientists and data analysts are the most popular and sought after professionals in the world right now. Down below is the list of some training institutes that have succeeded in gaining their reputation for providing data science certification.

1. Data science program in artificial intelligence and machine learning by Great Learning:

This data science training institute has data science courses which facilitates dual certificates- one from the University of Texas and the other from Great Learning. The faculties from UT Austin, IIT Bombay and other practicing artificial intelligence institutions create the learning content and assessments for the students here. Candidates or students work on around 12 industry and capstone projects and on subjects that include Statistical learning, Supervised or unsupervised learning, ensemble or reinforcement techniques, neural networks, NLP, computer vision with data from companies like Uber, Netflix, Amazon, etc. Great Learning’s data science courses are highly appreciated by the students who took these data science courses because of the comfortable environment that they learn in. Great Learning also arranges for different activities like quizzes, hackathons and many such interactive sessions in order to encourage the students to have a better understanding of what they are learning and if there is a scope of improvement and to better their skills. The data science certification program involves learning from the best and experienced professionals from the data science industry. They make you aware of all the latest happenings in the field and also keep you updated of how the industry functions. These professionals include academicians in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning and also a number of industry workers from the best in business. Great Learning is an institution which makes sure that you know your skills well and these courses only help you get better at your work so that the hiring companies know your abilities well. This data science training program makes it possible to know your talent and your potential and refine your skills in order for you to fit into the future of data science. So, this is definitely an institution which is suggested greatly when it comes to pursuing data science courses. You can also explore their free certificate courses to begin with. 

2. Data science program, Machine learning and Neural Networks by DataTrained Education:

DataTrained is a company that has been working in the Retail Analytics domain since the year 2012. They also focus on data science training and also training in management space. Here, the data science programs are prepared by working data science professionals and therefore these data science programs bear a heavy influence of the industry related work and ethics since it takes into account the real-life situations or case studies to be more precise that these professionals have dealt with. There is also an internship present in their data science certification program which helps them avoid common errors that definitely works in the advantage of the job aspirants who are looking forward to a data science career. Several industry projects and capstone projects help the learners grow and make them job ready. More than 250 organisations are associated with this company which help them find their students better placements. The data science certification program is based both on theoretical and technical modules of data science as it systematically trains you in the tools and techniques of the field. This data science training institute makes sure that you carry out end-to-end work and work hard in their data science programs. 

3. Data science program by Jigsaw Academy with Manipal Academy of higher education:

This institution has been the pioneer when it comes to the data science and analytics domain. There are several data science programs which are organised in collaboration with many Indian and International reputed institutions. The data science certification program here also has internships and projects at the end of the course along with classroom sessions. Like many other data science certification institutions, this also has professionals from the data science industry and the most effective minds in the analytical domains of the field having an expertise and experience of more than 15 years at least. In order to help the students learn data science and know the future of data science, there are case studies, assignments, industry discussions and several projects that are being held and this works quite effectively. Conducted in the classroom mode, this institution has a course duration of 11 months. This institution has tied with approximately 40 companies having their domains in areas such as e-commerce, BFSI, consulting, manufacturing, retail, etc. thus the placement can be expected to be good.

4. Data science program, business analytics and big data by Aegis School Of Business in association with IBM:

One of those institutions that first started a full time course in data science and analytics. This data science certification institution surely excels in advanced analytics and big data and gives hopes to all the aspirants who want to build a data science career and also learn the new technologies associated with the field. The data science training institute works with IBM and therefore the management team strives really hard in order to make sure that the students get placements in nothing but the best companies that there is. Not only that but they also make sure to arrange for paid internships in those companies keeping no lack of opportunities. The packages that are offered here by the companies are also very high thus making sure it is worth every penny. 

5. Data science program by Insofe:

Just like many other training institutes, this data science training institute is also one of the very first to acknowledge the need for a course in data science and artificial intelligence domains. The data science certification course focuses on building the foundation of data science and thus they start with the basics of subjects like Statistics, Computer coding or programming, machine learning algorithms and many such areas that will eventually help the students to learn data science and make them capable of solving the real time problems or industry related work really fast. The institution prepares you for the roles that are continuing to gain attention and are rising in demand in the industry or are evolving on a regular basis. Many renowned companies like Philips, Microsoft, UnitedHealth group, and many such companies conduct around 2000 interviews every year and select the skilled and qualified candidates. 

6. Certification in data science and artificial intelligence by Insaid:

This data science training institute facilitates a data science certification course that is specially designed or are made suitable for the working professionals who are looking for a shift in their career or are willing to take up a new data science career after looking at the promising future of data science. Insaid is an institution that specialises in machine learning algorithms and helps in launching the data science career of its students by means of hands-on expertise and preparing a good resume because that is what helps when it comes to hiring the candidates along with excellent skills. 

7. Data science program by Praxis Business school:

Formed in collaboration with ICICI Bank and PwC, this is one of those data science programs having a full-time on campus schedule and with industry assistance, this is the data science course that is perfect for the people who are looking for an entry level position in the field of data science and analytics. The curriculum addresses statistical modeling, a broad assortment of analytics tools and the understanding of how data are being processed on a day-to-day basis for the operations in the companies and how these data are utilised for the profit in the business again giving the students an overview of how the field works. Industry projects are being given to the students and placements are also good here.



The above list gives a vivid description of all the instructions that are qualified to be good data science training institutes. However, as stated before, there is one institution which simply beats the others and that is Great Learning as their data science courses are like no other. So, it is recommended for this purpose. 

So, if you are one of those people who want to jumpstart their data science career and were looking for a way to invest your time and money, then the above mentioned list of institutions will guide you in choosing the right data science certification institution because these instructions give you a broad knowledge and expertise in all the branches of data science. So, these data science certification courses offered by these training institutes are recommended for all the people, be it the students or the working professionals, to develop their skills in a particular domain of data science.