Data Analysis Using Tableau

Read this overview of using Tableau for sale data analysis, and see how visualization can help tell the business story.

By Juhi Sharma, Product Analyst

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Kmart is a leading online retailer in the US and as part of their annual sales review meeting, they need to decide on their sales strategy for the year 2020 based on the insights from the sales data in 2019.

Data is related to sales for each month of 2019 and the task is to generate key insights which will help the sales team of Kmart to take some key business decisions towards Fine-tuning their sales strategy.


Data Understanding


  1. Data Belongs to Kmart -a leading online retailer in the US.
  2. Time Period — January 2019 — December 2019
  3. Unique Product — 19
  4. Total Orders — 178437
  5. Cities — 9
  6. KPI’s — Total Sales, Total Products Sold

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Tableau Worksheets


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The best Month for sales in 2019 was DECEMBER. Total sales in December is $4619297.

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31017.0 quantity of AAA Batteries (4-pack) was sold in 2019. It is sold in maximum number because it is the cheapest product.

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The sale of Macbook Pro Laptop was highest.

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At around 7:00 pm sales are maximum.


Tableau Dashboard


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We can apply a filter of City, Product, and Time Period on the dashboard.


Business Suggestions Based on Analysis


  1. Company should provide offers and discounts in the months like January and September to increase sales in 2020 as these months have the lowest sales in 2019.
  2. Austin, Portland, and Dallas have fewer sales as compared to other cities. The company should look for the reasons behind it to boost up the sales in 2020.
  3. Around 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm is the most appropriate time to display advertising to maximize the likelihood of customers buying the product/s.
  4. AAA Batteries (4-pack) was sold maximum number in 2019 . Company should take care of inventory of AAA Batteries (4-pack).
  5. Company can work on price — strategy as per insights from 2019.


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