Make Connections With SAS Live Web Learning

Through a year of uncertainty, the demand for analytics skills and the desire to continue skills development remained consistent. Take this opportunity to join SAS expert instructors and learn the latest skills in a Live Web class.

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SAS Live Web Classes

Through a year of uncertainty and moments when life seemingly came to a halt, the demand for analytics skills and the desire to continue skills development remained consistent.

Even now the world continues to endure a digital transformation that’s constantly evolving, continuing to widen the skills gap. In a recent workplace trends survey conducted by SAS and HR Dive, 50% of managers said employees needed more upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling, while 41% said they themselves needed those same opportunities. 

Where does that leave the career seekers and career changers? Not only needing, but wanting, to grow and diversify their skill sets. This is why it’s important for tech companies and learning providers to offer flexible learning solutions. Online, self-paced e-learning fit the bill for most while in full lockdown, undoubtedly for its stop-and-start capability while tending to all facets of life. Now that everyone is at the point of lacking, and therefore missing, human interaction, instructor-led Live Web courses fill the gap. Yes, it’s still looking at your laptop. But it is the closest experience to in-person learning and providing the feeling of the energy of real-life connection.  

Top benefits of SAS Live Web courses

  1. Training courses become engaging and interactive with access to instructors and peers you can network with and learn alongside. 
  2. Ability to ask instructor questions in the moment and receive a direct response. 
  3. Convenience to join from anywhere. 
  4. Hands-on experience in a virtual lab environment. 
  5. Access to the latest software and technology.  

The trends and lessons from this past year have highlighted the necessity for companies to invest in a training plan to reskill, upskill or cross-skill for the future.

Take this opportunity to join SAS expert instructors and learn the latest skills in a Live Web class. If you’re interested in expanding your skills in analytics, credit risk modeling and fraud detection, check out our Business Knowledge Series live web series delivered by industry thought leader Bart Baesens.