How a Polytechnic Helps You Make the Tech-Business Connection

WPI welcomes professionals of all levels to its 100% online MS in Business Analytics — no GRE or GMAT required. Get started here.

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Considering a master’s in business analytics, but want a program focused on practical skills instead of just business buzzwords? You may be an excellent fit for a polytechnic.

Institutions like Worcester Polytechnic Institute are places where STEM infuses everything. They have a distinct advantage when it comes to degrees like an MSBA, which require a blend of business savvy and tech abilities.

"Theory plus practice and project-based learning are philosophies that drive us," explained Sharon Johnson, a professor in WPI’s Business School who teaches in the online MS in Business Analytics.

Earning an MSBA from a polytechnic like WPI is a strong choice for anyone who wants to elevate their abilities while learning from like-minded tech professionals. Are you a good fit? Here are some reasons why students pick WPI:

  • You have the capability, you have the vision—but you don’t have the right person’s ear.

    No matter how groundbreaking your insights are, you need buy-in from management. This means having strong communication skills. You also need to be able to translate results into formats that are visual and shareable.
    "There is often a gap between people who are good at data and those who can explain their results to managers in a way that has a real impact," said Diane Strong, professor and department head at WPI. "An MSBA is an excellent way to bridge that gap and have an impact on a company."

  • You want to formalize self-taught skills while learning from others with similar backgrounds.

    WPI students are innately curious about the world, are unafraid of deconstructing systems, and can visualize solutions in data. The MSBA takes these strengths and builds on them, going "under the hood”"to teach the theories that underpin data analysis.
    This is also your chance to get hands-on experience with analytics software and data visualization technology that you might not have access to on your own.

  • You have business experience but want to focus on your technical knowledge.

    "A lot of students want to develop their technical skills, but they aren’t computer scientists," said Johnson. "They want to be able to look at data, process it, and use it to make decisions. The MSBA is an opportunity to build these skills without having to get a degree in programming."

WPI welcomes professionals of all levels to its 100% online MS in Business Analytics — no GRE or GMAT required. Get started here.