Deep Learning with Python: Second Edition by François Chollet

Now in print! New edition of the bestselling original by François Chollet.

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Deep Learning with Python: Second Edition by François Chollet

Unlock the groundbreaking advances of deep learning with this extensively revised new edition of the bestselling original. Learn directly from the creator of Keras and master practical Python deep learning techniques that are easy to apply in the real world.

Deep Learning with Python has taught thousands of readers how to put the full capabilities of deep learning into action. This full color second edition introduces deep learning using Python and Keras. You’ll learn practical techniques that are easy to apply in the real world, and important theory for perfecting neural networks.

Recent innovations in deep learning unlock exciting new software capabilities like automated language translation, image recognition, and more. Deep learning is quickly becoming essential knowledge for every software developer, and modern tools like Keras and TensorFlow put it within your reach—even if you have no background in mathematics or data science. This book shows you how to get started.


"Chollet is a master of pedagogy and explains complex concepts with minimal fuss, cutting through the math with practical Python code. He is also an experienced ML researcher and his insights on various model architectures or training tips are a joy to read."
—Martin Görner, Google


Deep Learning with Python 2nd Ed. by Keras creator François Chollet offers insights for both novice and experienced machine learning practitioners. As you move through this book, you’ll build your understanding through intuitive explanations, crisp color illustrations, and clear examples, quickly picking up the skills you need to start developing deep learning applications! See just why this book has become such a beloved part of many data scientist’s libraries.

Deep Learning with Python, Second Edition is available  from its publisher Manning and from Amazon.

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