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Free Data Management with Data Science Learning with CS639

Learn Data Management with Data Science for FREE with CS639.

Free Data Management with Data Science Learning with CS639
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There are many elements of Data Science to learn. It all depends on which one of those areas you want to dive deeper into. One, in particular, is Data Management. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a course called: Data Management for

Data Science. 

The course is broken down into 6 sections and has several lectures. You can download the lectures as a PDF, and are also advised on extra reading material to help you. 

If this is something you are interested in, keep reading!


CS639 Prerequisites


Course Prerequisites

To get the most out of this Data Management with Data Science course, CS 300 is essential to your learning. CS 400 will also be helpful. 

Being proficient in Python is also necessary. If you are not, the university recommends you use the resources described here.


This course does not follow a textbook, however, these are recommended books:


CS639 Lecture Plan


The course is broken down into 6 sections, with a final exam at the end. 


Introduction to Data Science


  • Lecture 1: Intro to Data Science and Class Logistics/Overview
  • Lecture 2: Statistical Inference and Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Class Demo: Getting Started with Data Analytics


Relational Databases and Relational Algebra


  • Lecture 3: Principles of Data Management
  • Lecture 4: Relational Algebra
  • Lecture 5: SQL for Data Science
  • Lecture 6: Key Principles of RDBMS
  • Lecture 7: Wrapping up SQL and Databases


The MapReduce Model and No SQL Systems


After this topic, you will have 2 mid-term reviews. 


Predictive Analytics



Information Extraction and Data Integration



Communicating Insights



Final Exam


You have come to the end of learning all the content around Data Management with Data Science. You will now go through a 3 part final review. Here are some Sample Questions along with the solutions

After this, you will have a bonus project, which is open-ended you are asked to create cool visualizations with the data of the city of Milwaukee. 




Structured curriculums are always great for your learning. And with these resources from the University of Wisconsin, you will be able to get that structure as well as university-quality resources - for FREE!

If you want more information on becoming a Data Scientists, I recommend reading: The Complete Data Science Study Roadmap
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