How SAS can help catapult practitioners’ careers

Let's explore the journeys of SAS users who harnessed the power of SAS to unlock new opportunities and achieve their career goals.

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How SAS can help catapult practitioners' careers
As SAS continues to evolve at the forefront of the data revolution, it continues to make a significant impact on practitioners' careers and learning journeys. Let's explore the journeys of SAS users who harnessed the power of SAS to unlock new opportunities and achieve their career goals.

How SAS Helped Build Confidence in Data Science

Anja Vrečer, a determined university student, stumbled upon SAS when job seeking through the Business Club at her university. SAS software sparked her curiosity and she then discovered SAS Skill Builder for Students to support her learning journey, which offers tutorial videos and problem-solving exercises. The self-guided program equipped her with the knowledge and skills to pass the certification exam. "Data Science certainly appeals to me, and it would definitely be a work path I will explore further," says Anja. "I believe that the SAS certification provides a perfect foundation for this." Achieving SAS certification not only boosted Anja's confidence but provided her with a competitive edge in tackling the challenges of this competitive field.

How SAS Helped Secure A Professional Career in Data Analytics

During Jean de Villier's master’s degree in Business Analytics, he recognized the immense value of SAS and its career potential. Encouraged by his employers, Jean pursued SAS certification and has since obtained an impressive twenty certifications over the past ten years, each contributing to his growth as a data scientist. "There is no substitute for experience, so get involved in anything that will help you apply what you learned," advises Jean. Equipped with extensive SAS knowledge, Jean now holds the prestigious position of Head of Analytics at SAS Institute in Ireland, utilizing his expertise to assist clients in solving complex problems and maximizing their analytics investments.

How SAS Helped Turn an Interest in Technology into a Successful Career

Geeta Kersellius was introduced to SAS in a biocomputing class during her time as a Master of Public Health student. Her current role as a data analyst within the Public Health Research Department at the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine gives her the chance to use those SAS skills she learned. Geeta thanks her mentors for inspiring and encouraging her to pursue her passions, “I think it is extremely important to identify those individuals who have been where you want to go and tap into their wisdom.” Geeta discovered SAS Certification after winning a base programming certification prep guide at a SAS users group meeting. This encouraged her to get certified and obtain her Base Programming credential and led her to pursue an Advanced Programming certification. Ever since she learned the SAS macro language and how to use SQL code within the SAS environment, she has grown in her skillset and is able to create more efficient programs.  One of the top three lessons she’s learned is to take advantage of any resources you have available to get to the next step. 

By embracing the power of SAS, professionals can stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. SAS skills and certifications offer tangible proof of your qualifications and expertise in the field of data analytics. Learn more now: