About Gonzalo Ferreiro Volpi

Coming from +5 years of experience in eCommerce and Marketing across multiple industries. Being passionate about research, I decided to pivot my career path and deep dive into the world of Data Science and Machine Learning. Currently working at Ravelin Technology where we use a combination of machine learning and human insights to tackle fraud in eCommerce. Also, enthusiast, non-professional writer for several publishers on Medium.

Gonzalo Ferreiro Volpi Posts (4)

  • An Introduction to NLP and 5 Tips for Raising Your Game - 11 Sep 2020
    This article is a collection of things the author would like to have known when they started out in NLP. Perhaps it will be useful for you.
  • Software engineering fundamentals for Data Scientists - 30 Jun 2020
    As a data scientist writing code for your models, it's quite possible that your work will make its way into a production environment to be used by the masses. But, writing code that is deployed as software is much different than writing code for exploratory data analysis. Learn about the key approaches for making your code production-ready that will save you time and future headaches.
  • Silver Blog4 Free Math Courses to do and Level up your Data Science Skills - 22 Jun 2020
    Just as there is no Data Science without data, there's no science in data without mathematics. Strengthening your foundational skills in math will level you up as a data scientist that will enable you to perform with greater expertise.
  • A Classification Project in Machine Learning: a gentle step-by-step guide - 17 Jun 2020
    Classification is a core technique in the fields of data science and machine learning that is used to predict the categories to which data should belong. Follow this learning guide that demonstrates how to consider multiple classification models to predict data scrapped from the web.